World in 2020: USA even more powerful?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by AndyPipkin, Mar 29, 2006.

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  1. China is still growing ' up' and will be for quite a bit before things start slowing down again.. by 2020 I expect that China will be every bit the equal of the US, if only because under its authoritarian command structure it won't be running up a deficit of some trillion dollars or more as Dubya has and need to crawl out from under that burden..
    Suich a huge amount of US currency is outside America that, if the ' banks' called for immediate payment all hell would break loose and the US would be the next third world..
  2. Well Rocketeer, if that happens then the US will certainly take Canada with it!

    And if you think China hasn't got deep structural economic problems even worse than the US, you're mistaken.
  3. oh, yeah, Andy.. I am well aware of the residual effect of flushing the USA will have on Canuckistan.. that's why my fortune is in yuans and hidden in the Cayman Islands...

    one can only hope that China will implode from the inability to control the rampant divergence between the upwardly mobile urban middle class entrepreneurs and the impoverished and impotent rural lower class/ethnic minorities allowing for a ' dermocratic revolution ' to take place turning mainland into a larger version of Taiwan..

    oh, if Google and others had only stood up to China's government...millions of Chinese would be overthrowing their leaders right now in a mad stampede to access internet porn sites and download Britney Spears' iPod tunes...
  4. I'm inclined to disagree with the "third world" comment. People here in the US are quite used to a certain lifestyle and I don't believe they would give it up so easily. That would include taking what was needed by force. A nasty thought, however, I believe it is possible. Too many fat, lazy, people who want what the want, now, and fast. They aren't going to want to work for their large screen TV's, pay big bucks for gas, etc.
  5. I can't see that happening if you owe a pound it's your problem if you owe trillions of pounds it's most definately their's

  6. LOL

    "That would include taking what was needed by force". If there was a possibility of them dragging thier fat lazy arrses from in front of thier large screen televisions maybe 8)
  7. Wel, that is the problem. The people who will be doing the "forcing" aren't the ones lounging in front of their widescreen's. They will be the ones whining, bitching, complaining and moaning. The politician's will listen to them, not the rest of us.