World Hijab Day

To be fair would the world not be a better place if Clair Short and a few others with faces like bags of spanners wore them?

And remember Islam is the religion of respect. So if your wife doesn't respect you you can give her the short answer.(NO PUN INTENDED) Another reason to wear the hijab. No need to explain the bruises.

We westerners have so much to learn from the religion of tolerance AND EQUALITY.
Let's fucking hope so Fally.

It's fucking embarrassing going for a drink with a bird with a black eye but if they won't learn to hang towels on the rail correctly or not to drip teabags over kitchen work surfaces what's a bloke to do?
Why don't we all put on a full Bhurka and go into a bank, then ask the manager why we can wear that but be asked to take off a motorcycle helmet?

What's the point of CCTV everywhere when a visible few are allowed to hide their identity?
The words quoted from this woman are "Beacuse I am not very skilled."

I believe that about sums it up.

If she were skilled, she would be baking a lovely cake and shutting the fuck up.

Mark The Convict

Rhodes says it's a choice she will continue to make. "I will wear it from time to time," she says of her hijab. "I'm saying to the world, my beauty is for my family and my partner. Any woman can wear this."

Translation; 'This ridiculous affectation allows me to kid myself that I'm not as plain as a pikestaff and twice as dull'
Some fool has thought of a way to bring greater awareness and shite (in their opinion) of the reasons Islamic wenches wear head scarves. Whats worse, is some women think its great.

BBC News - Hijab for a day: Non-Muslim women who try the headscarf


I wonder if people of Islam will want to try a World Non Hijab day....or a world Mini Skirt day. Somehow I doubt it.

Nowt wrong with head dress, my ex frau had a bag on her head for years - she only complained cos it tickled her tash - they come in various colours and motifs.

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