World Flocking To Davos for WEF

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by viceroy, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. As in previous years, the who is who of the corporate and political world are descending on Davos, these years guest list (in no particular order in terms of importance):

    Queen Rania of Jordan
    Tony Bliar
    Angy Merkel
    David Cameron and Nick Clegg
    Treasury Secretary Geithner
    Bill Clinton
    Napoleon Sarkozy
    Kofi Annan
    Bank Ki Moon
    Norways Permier Jens Stoltenberg
    Swedens Premier Reinfeldt
    Sheick Khalifa Al Thinawi (Qatar)
    Prince Turki Al Faisal (Saudi)
    Jacob Zuma
    Felipe Calderon, Mexican President
    President Medvedev of Russia coming afterall

    Corporate Tycoons:

    Bill Gates
    George Sorros
    Nouriel Roubbini
    Robert Zoellick (Worldbank) etc etc

    Looking at this list, it looks like the Swiss Armed forces and Police, and especially so the Swiss Air Force will be clocking overtime and likely be really stretched for this week. Security is ultra tight, outer perimeters start 40km outside Davos. Most VIPs arrive at Zurich Airport and are taken by Helicopter courtesy of the Air Force to Davos in approx half an hour. Having been to Davos many times (though not during the WEF) I wonder how they put up all these folks adequately. What will come of it all?

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  2. Have you got a mobile number for that sniper? I need to call in some shots.
  3. He appears to have mated his gat with a boomerang. Is this the new ally?
  4. What gat? These are adjustable armrests, quite common these days for such purposes. Evidently this guy does not feel like using them, so they are spread apart.