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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Gundulph, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. I wondered what the current World Record for Dips was, having attempted it in 89 in the Falklands but dislocating a thumb prior to the main event... back then the record was by an Indian guy who barely moved his arms yet was accepted at 117 Dips in one minute, not even one of them would have been accepted by a Military PTI, we managed 121 recorded in one minute by a PTI judging the whole thing. Have a look at the following video of the current World Record, surely (PTI's/APT Corps?) again, these people are getting away with completely improper Dips, chest going down nowhere near to the parallel position and the arms not locking out at any time!!!

    Video Link
  2. Press ups are the same too, remember watching some Indian geezer going for the record and I couldnt understand why the crowd were cheering as I thought he hadnt begun yet.
  3. That ROM is terrible!
  4. What a load of shoite! they were just little bounces, barely moved! looks more like hes shagging the apparatus!

    Is that an official site for the guinness world records? Isnt it meant to be Guinness Book of Records or are they the same?
  5. Those dips are a joke. Having said that, did you see the arm wrestling on ITV in the Superstrong thing on TV; FFS, when were you allowed to hang your entire body off your oppenent's arm? Arm wrestling - a test to see which person can throw themselves to the floor first.
  6. Yes I think that is definitely officially recognised as they are using the words Guinness & World Record in the same sentence, it's really annoying to see, when we were sent the video of the indian guy in 89 to see what I had to contend with we were shocked any of his were counted, it seems things have gotten a lot worse! Guinness should have a British Military PTI by trade judging events like the Dips and Press Ups, at least Paddy Doyle who holds all the longevity records and all sorts of other ones, can hold his head up high that he has done them all properly as witnessed by Military judges or former Military; not meaning to be disrespectful to the guy in the video as he's clearly a fit person but I don't think he would manage 1/3 of 173 if we did them correctly down to a fist from the bar and arms locking out full on each Rep, it isn't physically possible to do anywhere near 173 if carried out correctly, a minute just isn't long enough...
  7. Gobby- was that with the 'strongest arm wrestler ever' from Iowa or somewhere in the mid west who would from the word go, basically lock his arm and throw his body to the otherside of the platform and it would be counted as a win while the other guy had a look of shock on his face.
  8. I saw a bit of it with the gobby septic. I definately reckon that he was cheating. Was watching the bit in the shopping centre when when he was gobbin it then did that drop on floor thing to win the match. I dont know about anyone else but i thought he was a right chopper!
  9. Didn't Brian Jacks used to be the man at this?
  10. On the Superstars Programme yes, but not in World Record standards...
  11. Yeah - there used to be cups with pressure sensors for the elbow and judges who knew what they were doing. The whole thing is a farce now.
  12. Jacks was absolutely Nails, though. One of the best Judoka ever. 8)