World Darts Championship - Lakeside

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by PandaLOVE, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. I've been watching every minute of these championships this week and it's been amazing. Anyone else watch the final this evening?

    Two 50 year olds, neither had won the title before. Best of 13, Wolfie, world number one lead 6-0 at the interval, required one more set to win, Nixy, playing worse than pub darts then won 6 straight to level tthe final at 6-6....... Wolfie held his nerve to snatch it 7-6..... brilliant stuff.

  2. lol
  3. The biggest winner there mate was Bob Potter, his till's having been doing overtime on ale sales if you ask me!
  4. 100,000 pints of ale in a weeK, and that's without Jocky Wilson!
  5. Jeez, didn't know that! Thirsty fcukers them darts fans.
  6. Yes it was a great match.

    Don't know what all the bracelets, rings and sh1te are all about though!
  7. Arrrgh they be superstars they be!
  8. Probably to weigh their chucking hands down so they don't put the lights out with arrows missing the board!

  9. Bear in mind there were a lot of Dutch fans there as well. Might explain the vast amount of pints sold there. (don't know if they served drugs though :giggle: )
  10. I started this thread to celebrate the sporting prowess of Wolfie and Nixy and everyone's turned it into a jewelry and Dutch beer fest! Do none of you know the meaning of sport?
  11. It ceased being a sport once it turned into Bullseye!

  12. By looking at the beerguts of most darters, i wonder what came first in their lives; darts or beer...
    I just can't see those 2 things apart. Darts goes with beer and vice versa.
  13. I love the entire naffness of the darts scene. The cornyness, bling, razzamatazz, the lot. Far more entertaining than the blandness of Beckham and Chelsea put together.
  14. Just watched the match (courtesy of SKY+) and what a game. Bling aside it has been a great week of darts. And yes I have been to the Lakeside to watch it live . . .
  15. You've been to the Lakeside to watch it live AND just seen it on Sky+? Well done that man! :thumright: