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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by daleRoch, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. did you see Argentina's second goal
    It brakes my heart to say it, but it was fcuking magnificent.
  2. sorry its the VM in me I mean breaks my heart
  3. Must admit the argies did look in top form, hopefully messi may be tempted by Sheffield Wednesday in the near future
  4. Was going to start a new thread, but might be best to keep WC comments together.

    Anyhow, Pork_Pie's random, ill informed views:

    South Korea - great fans, even if (as one BBC commentator implied), a lot of them of them go along for the craic, and don't really understand footy. Players worked really hard, great fitness, and am sorry they are out, but they weren't good enough to deserve a draw against the Swiss. They put the Swiss under a lot of pressure, but most of the Korean chances seemed to be scrambles - not too many clear cut ones. This led to some poor long range shooting.

    Sorry to say, but doesn't bode well for Asian footy that one of their best teams couldn't cope with a European side who qualified via the play offs.

    Mexico - thought they'd risk humiliation against Argentina, but they've won a lot of respect, and have shown that although Argentina are good, they can be beaten. Pity Mexico didn't have a better striker than Borgetti (not talking about the own goal), they might have won. Full marks to both teams for a very entertaining match. Germans must be glad that they had an easy game, and their opponents had a tough 120 mins, although the Argies have until Friday to recover.

    Aussies - very entertaining game against Croatia
    (whose fans have also made a good impression). Don't think they'll be good enough to beat Italy, but good luck!

    Ecuador - haven't seen too much of them. BBC commentators today were confident England would win, even though Ecuador beat Brazil twice & Argentina once in the South American group. Anybody know enough about them to confirm the optimism is justified?

    Netherlands - Portugal - hope this will be as entertaining for the neutral as Argentina-Mexico was. Certainly looks to have the making of a very good game.

    Have had a bit to drink prior to posting, so pls excuse any nonsense I've typed.
  5. The Argentinean second goal was absolutely awesome, and on the balance of things a well deserved victory.

    The onside disallowed gaol at the end of normal time was balanced with Heinze’s (spelling) potential red card.

    Great game though, cant wait to go through the emotional treadmill tomorrow!!!

    A man without a passion in life (whatever that may be) is a man without a soul or purpose IMHO!!!!!!
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I hope you don't mean England's defence because it is non-existant. You have a very good midfield and striking team who are let down time and again by your back line. Up until now luck has played a great part in England's progress. You have still to play a decent game of football. On the evidence to date you are not world beaters in any way or form.

    If that strike by Ecuador in the first half had been a few inches lower then I feel that there would have been a totally different game this afternoon.
  7. isn't this portugal - holland game fantastic? 10 mins to go, down to 10 vs 9, 3 sent off and 15 yellow cards, melees all over the place... if this goes on much longer, our next opponents won't be able to field a full team :lol:
  8. Make that 4, the Ref is having a blinder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. that was one of the funniest things ever :) 16 cards?!?!??!

    at least we get a chance for revenge on the f*cking portuguese now. minus the two suspended players of course lol
  10. And the odd one or two worried about a second yellow :D :D :D :D
  11. 5 of them, including figo, maniche and the goalie :)
  12. Don't forget Chriastiano Ronaldo's dodgey knee, maybe doubtful for next week!
  13. More appallingly bad refereeing decisions abound in the Australia vs Italy match - never a penalty.

    Why doesn't FIFA take action against these muppets for making such wildly bad decisions?