World cup tickets from auction sites

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Forces_Sweetheart, May 17, 2006.

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  1. Fans buying tickets on auction websites are paying huge mark-ups but also risk getting turned away at the turnstiles. Research from G4S Security reveals tickets for the World Cup finals in Germany sold via unauthorised websites cost on average 327% more than the face value of the ticket. Tickets for the final cost on average £972. That's a mark-up of 277% on the original sale price set by FIFA. And a pair of tickets to see England play Trinidad & Tobago, at the Frankenstadion Nuremberg on 15th June, sold for £1500, a mark up of 2307% on the tickets’ face value.

    Those selling tickets via online auction sites in the UK risk prosecution, as the Government has banned the unlicensed sale of any tickets for the World Cup finals in Germany this summer. G4S is warning consumers who are contemplating purchasing tickets from unauthorised sources to check they are not fraudulent. In some cases touts are offering tickets for 'phantom' matches that are not even scheduled to take place at the finals.

    'FIFA has implemented a rigorous identification system for the World Cup finals, so supporters purchasing tickets from touts could face severe disappointment,' warns Douglas Greenwell of G4S. 'If the ticket holder’s details do not match those of the purchaser they will be refused entry to the stadium. Buying tickets from unauthorised websites can lead to an increase in fraud, criminal activity and increases the safety and security risks at events to themselves and other members of the public,' says Greenwell. 'Ultimately it is in the consumers’ interest to purchase their tickets from authorised outlets; this ensures they are paying the correct price and that the tickets actually exist. Supporters purchasing tickets from unauthorised sources could be wasting significant sums of money.'
  2. 'Ultimately it is in the consumers’ interest to purchase their tickets from authorised outlets; this ensures they are paying the correct price and that the tickets actually exist.

    Ha Ha ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    How many tickets are available for sale?

    Well that will be a total of fcuk all then and very nearly zero since the day they went on sale as well.

    How many tickets have been sold/given to big companies for use as perks?

    ****ing thousands.

    And they wonder why ticket touts make so much money.

    Not 1 single ticket available for any match anywhere!!
  3. Well said Steven....I am an official member of the England Fans+ club which has 25000 members so it was so good of the Jerries to give Ingerland the smallest stadium at this years world cup namely the Nuernberg Frankenstadion!
    Footy has managed to get rid of most of the hooligan image (and thank god) but the sport is now well and truly in the hands of corporate companies......
    West Ham and Liverpool get 21000 tickets for the cup final in a stadium of over 70000.....
    Real fans cant get a ticket for love nor money for the world cup yet Coca Cola/Siemens/Obi have hundreds that they give away to workers who are not interested.
    I personally look back nostalgically to the time I picked up a ticket for world cup semi in 1990 from a Turin tout for 50 quid!!
  4. You may have a valid point but sadly it's no different for most of the other big sporting events. Try getting a decent ticket for WImbledon or a Rughy International at Twickers. What is really irritating is that a fair amount of the corporate fat cats have no interest in any of the sport whatsoever and spend the entire day swilling champagne and braying annoyingly within the confines of their tent or corporate box.