World Cup: On Wednesday I will be supporting ....

Who do you want to win on Wednesday?

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There is plenty of banter flying around on various threads about the performance of England. But when it comes to the crunch on Wednesday at three pm, who will you be supporting?
After their last dismal performance I think I will find a pub without a telly for tomorrow.
As an Englishman I'm torn between my desire for the nation to be successful and my desire for the team to lose and the public to hate them and the redtops to make their lives a misery as I genuinely believe they deserve that treatment regardless if the score
Even as a Taff I'll be supporting England, but only just. I really couldn't care less who wins. I'll cheer whoever scores if it's a good goal.
- - - my boss who is watching the match and has nominated me to attend the meeting he's supposed to be at. So for that reason, Slovenia!
Slovenia, ABE! However if England do make it through it will only be an even bigger joy to watch your faces as they get knocked out.

However the cynic in me thinks the England team WANTS to loose tommorow, as it means the end of that nasty Italian man who made them behave like boring grown up's.
Anyone but Murray ... oh, thats today ... on Wednesday I will be supporting England (don't want to but just won't be able to stop myself).
I won't really care who wins, draws or gets beat afterall it is only wendyball.

On the other hand will it make any difference to the commentors? If England win they will be going on about great chance of doing a '66 or if they get beat they will be on about "we could have beaten them"
Indifferent to be honest; I generally just enjoy watching good positive attacking football. Think someone mentioned that Slovenia with a population of 2 million has qualified twice out of their 3 entries to date. Sort of puts Scotland's "professional" football team in to perspective...

I'd rather watch England take on the Maoris'.


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I may have made the occasional comment over the past couple of weeks :D but now it is down to a straight knockout game so I will be hoping England come through.

If for nothing other than it will enable the jousting to continue for a while longer :twisted:

So, for tomorrow it is ABE (Suspended) :D :D :D :D :D 8)


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And another thing; on the past performance at this World Cup, England do not deserve to go through. If they are to go forward then they have to change attitude and realise why they were chosen to go to RSA.

No change = no chance.
i've just about forgiven them...As long as the sort their heads out.

That would be the team were most of the mongs like Rooney can't even sing a single line of their national anthem?
To keep you in football crazed mood:

A little old lady trying to cross the road when Fabio Capello sees her struggling. 'Excuse me my dear, can you manage?' asks Capello. Little old lady replies 'You got yourself into this mess, don't expect me to help you out'

What's the difference between a faulty jet engine and Wayne Rooney?
The jet engine eventually stops whining.

Three hours of football and Rob Green is still England's top scorer.

The England World Cup team visited an orphanage in South Africa yesterday.
'It's so good to put a smile on the faces of people constantly struggling and facing insurmountable odds,' said Shiphiwe Modese, aged six.

Guy walks into the brothel dungeon and says to the mistress
"I'm really kinky, I want total humiliation, how much will it cost"
The mistress looks at him and says "£29.99"
"WOW", says the guy, "That's a great price so what do I get for that ?"
She looks at him and says "An England shirt"

All charges against the intruder to the England dressing room have been dropped following a FIFA investigation. Apparently Rob Green let him in.

I can't believe we only managed a bloody draw against a third rate bunch of losers who we should have beaten easily..
Makes me ashamed to be Algerian.

All future England matches are to be screened on the adult gay TV channel.
Apparently the sight of 11 a***holes getting pummeled for 90 minutes has been deemed to explicit for terrestrial TV.

Knorr have released a special edition OXO cube in white with a red stripe to commemorate our current world cup campaign. It's called the laughing stock.

The guy on death row in Utah got to pick his own firing squad.
He went for Rooney, Lampard, Heskey, Crouch and Gerrard.
anybody but England

It's at times like these I wonder whether the name of the country has been changed from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to England!

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