World Cup KISA - Killed In South Africa = Sweepstake

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jun 10, 2010.

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  8. Faaaaahsands of 'em

  1. We all know that the principle hobby of Saffers of most varieties is killing each other off; either by shooting, stabbing, the necklace or road kill.

    By virtue of Darwinian selection, most of them are getting better at staying not yet dead BUT there is about to be a major influx of fat, conspicuously rich beered up Foreign types who, when anaesthetised by Lion Beer will be easy pickings for the thieving locals,

    So, how many tourists will be KISA?
  2. I think most, inhebriated (sp?) by the local brew, will find themselves paying a fiver for a quick shag with a HIV infested, pre-pubescent girl. Soooo... in about 10-20 years time, the UK will have a sudden death spurt of said hooligans.
  3. Is this about collective punishment for being nissed? ;)
  4. giggles...
  5. Scared the shit out of 3 dutch types who I found in the Pora/Nigerian corner shop near my house by following them nearly a mile back to the nice part of town before I got bored.

    In my defence SA tele is crap.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I've gone 50-3000. With tens of thousands of beered-up fcukwits rolling around the place, the locals would be mad not to rob and kill as many as possible.

    Personally, I'd use an AK, at random from a moving vehicle . . . . aherm, actually no, no I wouldn't. I'm a responsible person y'know. Far too much of that sort of thing happening enough already.
  7. 25-50 for me as I've had 27 as my target, sorry, a target, figure for some time now.
  8. Perhaps a separate sweepstake for the number of Saffas killed whilst attempting crimes against footy fans. I should imagine the SA Police will be particularly trigger conscious during the WC.
  9. That bus crash has got the ball rolling, like brandysoured I quite like 27, but i'll go for 30 odd.

    Nice round number..

    6 hour count down to the first riot in soweto.