World Cup: John Paintsil as a "Mossad agent"

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by mora, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. Many were surprised and pleased when a player for the Ghanaian soccer team waved an Israeli flag during World Cup victory celebrations.

    Others were surprised and not happy at all. Today the Ghana Football Association issued an abject apology to the world.


    John Pentsil waving an Israeli flag, which he'd kept hidden in his shoe, to celebrate the goals scored by Ghana against the Czech Republic at the World Cup.

    Egyptian reactions to John Pantsil's action :'Paintsil a Mossad agent'

  2. "The live commentator on the Arab satellite channel broadcasting all World Cup matches in the region abruptly cut short his trademark "goooaaaaaaal" when Paintsil brought out the flag.

    "What are you doing, man?" the bewildered commentator said.

    'Paintsil a Mossad agent'

    The main question on Egyptian lips after the match was "why?"

    Some papers described Paintsil as a "Mossad agent", others said "an Israeli had paid him to do it" but the most elaborate theory was offered by the top-selling state-owned daily Al-Ahram."

    This seriously reads like a parody. No wonder Israel is so far ahead of these idiots.
  3. Would have been less fuss if he'd waved a swastika FFS. I read the above excerpts and agree that the political and media reaction was totaly barking. I'm also pretty sure there were some BBC executives screeching in true Guardian reader chattering class style horror at this "crime".
    No doubt Paintsill will end up in a ditch like Colombian defender Escobar in 94 (?) - except he was topped for scoring an own goal, poor sod.
  4. Reactions to the Israeli flag waving

    sardonic comment from independently minded Egyptian blogger Big Pharoah.

  5. From a British Muslim site

    Btw, this same pic dacorated also the British Embassy in Israel site.