This follows a conversation I had in the pub the other night.

Why is Blatter suddenly buttering us up?

Could it be that FIFA are worried that Brazil will not be able to hold the World Cup in 2014 because their grounds/stadia will not be up to it? At present there is no ground in Brazil that meets FIFA safety standards.

Therefore if there is a proper recession in the next few years, FIFA will need another country to step in. As there is no other country in South America that is interested, the obvious choice is England where the infrastructure is all in place.

I agree, England have enough stadia in place already and it would not take much to get a couple of others up to speed.

Why not involve Scotland and Wales (sorry that should be Glasgow and Cardiff) and theres a couple more stadia.
I dont understand why England are not making a bid, at least it will guarantee qualification.

Is the FA's dummy still in the corner after losing the 2006 bid.

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