World Cup fever?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by jimbojetset, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Where the hell is it?
    England are on the brink of acheiving what no other Rugby Nation has done by winning back to back world cups. ITV coverage is shocking, they barely mention it and there are no lead up reports or ananlysis or general "fever" type things going on. If England were in the World cup final of football (association)we would have flags all over the shop and the place would be at a standstill, so what gives??????
    I say this as a Canadian living in England, who obviously is more excited about this than many of the people I share a country with!
  2. My bolds.
  3. I realise all that, but football is dull and the liklihood of England getting into one let alone two finals in our lifetime is nil so wheres the enthusiasm guys?
  4. The BBC mentions it a lot, and you are right, it is an achievement. South Africa must be favourites still though (lets keep it that way - and we will win it)
  5. itv's coverage has been crap fulstop but the ENGLAND team have made a remarkable turn round during this world cup and the fact we not getting over excited to due to the more mature attiude presented by rugby players and supportors (even the ones that can't spell) and also rugby is not as popular then the girlie game of kissball. :twisted:
  6. We are enthusiastic about the upcoming Cup final, but being British, we keep a stiff upper lip and don't how the excitement we all feel. Believe me, at the moment, we are as giddy as schoolgirls on the inside, but on Saturday, we shall show our true colours. I, for one, shall start celebrating from midday.
  7. As far as I can tell people aren't even excited a bit. Perhaps last time England were expected to win and therefore the excitement/interest built from day one, whereas now, ITV and everyone else expected to be able to watch some dross on Saturday night
  8. I have booked my seat in the bar the wife is in the UK I am surround by disgrunteled Whelsh and Stoctsmen but am I rubbing it in that we ENGLAND have got to the final of cause I am to quote the flim a knight tale
    " the pope may be french but GOD is a ENGLISHMAN" on the ruby pitch he is called Jhonny
  9. Where are you? People are pretty excited where I am but just not ranting as much as if it was kissball. Watch the final in a decent sized pub and see if there is an atmosphere of excitement.

    Come on ENGLAND!
  10. If England do win it twice on the bounce ,Well done to them its not the best team i have seen (and i'm a jock)
    But i can think of better English rugby teams that have won nothing .
  11. I may be a Porridge Wog, but there's a St. George's Cross flying from my motor, and I'll be wearing my "England" shirt!
    Come on lads...stuff the 'Boks! :clap: :headbang: :clap:
  12. I get excited every 4 years when the rugby world cup comes around. That's because I play the sport, love the sport, and support the sport. I was horrified last weekend when I went into my usually quite sedate local drinking hole to find the place rammed with "rugby supporters", watching the game because they heard somewhere that England and beaten someone, and they should join in. Just like they did 4 years ago!

    I spent 5 mins trying to explain the rules to some kissball type in a Hackett polo shirt.
  13. You clearly don't understand the game do you.
  14. I may be a porage wog, I may well be supporting England on Saturday but I will not sully my flag-pole with an England flag, nor permit that masterpiece of British engineering the Land rover Discovery to be so disfigured.

    As for my god-like, manly physique...deface it with that red and white thing? Never! Instead I shall wrap myself in the white change-strip of the British and Irish Lions, as a sort of compromise!

  15. Smudge, please dont tar all Hackett polo shirt wearers with the same brush. I wear Hackett and hate kissball, plus they were the Official England Squad tailors for the last World Cup and bought out a commerative rugby shirt with the date, result and the teams involved woven on to it. I have one of these and will be wearing it this Saturday just to piss of any colonials that will be in the vicinity of where I shall be watching the match