world cup, english best 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Armed_and_dangerous, Jun 7, 2006.

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  1. the team generally picks itself but:


    G neville
    R ferdinand
    J Terry
    A cole

    D Beckham
    S Gerrard
    F Lampard
    J cole


    (cant have rooney as he is not yet confirmed to be fit to play)
  2. My blod.

    Have a word with yourself. Defoe!!!!!!!!! Peter Crouch has scored more goals for England than Defoe Owen and Rooney since Euro 2004. (that was before his hatrick).

    Cant argue with the rest of the team though.
  3. Team made up from G Sqn 22 SAS .......... you just know when they tackle the other side that player is going to stay down! And our team will be easy to spot even if you are totally legless as they will be the ones running up and down the pitch faster than the other team even though they are doubling with a 80lb bergen on their backs :)

    Seriously don't care who plays or what position as long as when or if we play Germany we beat them good and proper as wife is a Boxhead and will be terrible to live with if we lose to them :(

  4. There is one player who has scored more than Rooney, Defoe and the comedy giraffe this season

    Look I know it is academic but a certain D. Bent from south London will be sitting in his back garden this sat! Why was he not picked? :x :? :x

    I would agree with the squad as listed, but push Gerrard forward and have Carrick or Hargreaves as a defensive midfielder.

    Note to Sven, Hargreaves plays in this position for Bayern Munich! :x