World Cup Draw

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by The_IRON, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. Just seen the draw there for the world Cup, England have been put in Croatias group with Ukraine,Belarus,Kazakhstan and Andorra. Only the top team to qualify.

    Are we fcuked :?

    Only the top team to go through automatically
  2. what an easy group, so therefore you'll not qualify - hell threee ex-soviet states
  3. Scotland

    Scotland have a good shout.

    Northern Ireland
    San Marino

    There fcuked


    There fcucked aswell, the ones with the best shout the way they played in the Europeans are the Sweaty Socks.
  4. You reckon? We'll convincingly pummel Holland and Norway and then, true to form, we'll get a good shoeing from Iceland and go out because some other c*nt draws.
  5. Ditto - but will there be any Scots left to play after laughing themselves to death at the England draw :p
  6. Here we go again. England have just been installed as favourites to win their group. Given recent events, how arrogant is that? For Christ's sake, can't we just accept that at this moment in time, we are not part of the elite?
  7. We are quite obviously going to win the group without conceding a goal and then go on to win the WC in similar style, beating Argentina 7-0 in the final

    Shakes head......
  8. Ok glass of whatever THE_GURU's been drinking please.
  9. As a matter of interest having missed all the fun of the draw etc.
    Why only 5 teams in the Jock group?
  10. Dont know why only five teams in the last group. This is from the thread that started a couple hours after my thread (all the rentboys are on that thread LOSERS :twisted: ) so i nicked his draw.
    Group 1: Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Albania, Malta

    Group 2: Greece, Israel, Switzerland, Moldova, Latvia, Luxembourg

    Group 3: Czech Republic, Poland, Northern Ireland, Slovakia, Slovenia, San Marino

    Group 4: Germany, Russia, Finland, Wales, Azerbaijan, Liechtenstein

    Group 5: Spain, Turkey, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Armenia, Estonia

    Group 6: Croatia, England, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Andorra

    Group 7: France, Romania, Serbia, Lithuania, Austria, Faroe Islands

    Group 8: Italy, Bulgaria, Republic of Ireland, Cyprus, Georgia, Montenegro

    Group 9: Holland, Scotland, Norway, FYR Macedonia, Iceland

    There I cheated, sue me for copyright. :D

    I believe its winners for each group and 8 highest losers go into a two game play off.
  11. When does it kick off? Is there time for teams to turn things around?
  12. I'll rent-boy you! 8O
  13. meet you behind the bikesheds at 2200hrs then, you can be called mummy :twisted:
  14. And you can take a couple of mummys lengths :muhaha:
  15. Its just been explained on 5 Live Jocks group.
    Whoever comes runner up in the other groups their results against the bottom finishing team will be discarded so there will be (on paper at least)
    no discernable advantage. (Of course except for injuries players being released, 2 more games etc)