World Cup 2006 - who is the winner team?

How do you think the result of the World Cup 2006 would look like?

  • Germany is winning like 1996 after a golden goal

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  • England is winning…ehh…sorry…LOSING 5:0 against the German team ( revenge!! )

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  • England is losing after Germany’s golden goal like in 1996

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  • Germany is winning 5:0 against England

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  • Or - most realistic - England doesn’t qualify for the final, but Germany’s winning anyway – ag

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After the Confed Cup it is quite clear which nation will soon rule the world of football!
Now, looking at the World Cup next year, all we surely wish for is a thrilling final match between England and Germany!

How do you think the result would look like? :twisted:
I am glad to hear that you are back, duckling!
That is such an excellent poll!

I am a huge fan of German football! I love their team, they are so brilliant with players so handsome!
In England we just have ugly players, except for David Beckham of course ( but looking at his appearance and his wife Victoria he must be gay ).

German football rules!!!
What a shit poll.

Where is the option "England stick it all over Germany as they did in two World Wars and one World Cup"?

You filthy German swine.
I love the poll. I know CS loves it, too. He actually loves Germany, too, like I do!
German football is the best! They will win the World Cup, fingers crossed!

where's the option to say England p1ss all over Germany but Brazil still win it like they always do because they are the best in the world.
Mrs.Cynical_Subbie said:
where's the option to say England p1ss all over Germany
It is not there because it will never ever take place!
Did you forget the 5 - 1 hammering :roll:
Osnamong is back!!!!!!

Still needing your backdoors kicked in???????

do you like it up your arrse Mrs CS? does CS flip you over and do your bum because you have a face like regurgitated pizza?
I am sure you are one of those minging British cnuts who run around dressed in unsuitable short skirts and very cheap high heels.
So I am not even bothered about your comment - such saying is all so typical for people like you.

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