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World Biggest Curry lunch

Calling all Soldiers, The ABF needs you! Enjoy cooking up a good curry? Want a new and fun way to help support the ABF this year? Then join Bhaji the elephant and take part in the fantastic ‘World’s Biggest Curry Lunch’ by throwing a curry lunch for friends and family in aid of the Army Benevolent Fund in 2007.

Every day, more and more demands are placed on the Army Benevolent Fund from those members of the Army family who need our help. We take care of all members of the Army family, young and old, and to make sure we have the funds to take care of them in the future as well as today we need to develop new ways of raising funds.

With that in mind we are inviting all of our supporters and the whole of the Army to join in the World’s Biggest Curry Lunch, the ABF’s first mass participation event. Our target week for nationwide and international curry lunches is the week commencing 16th April, with Big Curry day on Thursday 19th April. If, however you’d like to have your lunch or dinner outside this week then don’t worry. It’s the taking part rather than the timing that’s important and we’re taking donations for Curries this year until the end of November!

1)Call or e-mail and request a WBCL fundraising pack containing recipes, beer vouchers and all the stuff you need to make your event a success from the ABF
2)Organise a Curry lunch or dinner.
3)Get your mates, family, colleagues round to share it with you.
4)Relieve them of some cash for a donation.
5)Send your donations to the ABF!
7)That’s it.

To request your free fundraising pack, please call:

0845 873 7156

Or e-mail: bigcurry@armybenfund.org

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