World at you feet - opinions on England Anthem

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by whiffler, Apr 21, 2006.

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  1. Yes, I am already humming it

  2. Yes, but words will get changed

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  3. Doubt it

  4. No way - it is a crock of sh1te

  5. Being Scotch, what the hell is the World Cup?

  1. I haven't heard it yet (not a Radio One type), and I can't remember any of the other officially sanctioned 'pop' tunes for England teams. OK, Three Lions was effective but was done in exasperation at how crap the official song was, and earlier team songs varied in (low) quality but were 'singable'.

    Will WAYF get sung on the terraces ?.

    Has tune and/or words any merit at all ?.

    Why do they do these things ?

    Why isn't it in German ?

    Arrsehole here I come !!

    Edited to add lyrics
  2. Its a load of fcuking b@ll@cks. never heard a worst world cup song.
  3. Ah - caught it on MotD2 last night. Dreadful, and I can't understand why Adrian Chiles thinks it's any good. Shoot the w@nkers !!
  4. Is this the one by Embrace?

    F ucking weedy whiny exponents of the worst type of banal "girl music" i can think of, i had the misfortune to hear them (briefly) at the V festival last year, and they f ucking bored the crowd to death, the lead singer is without doubt one of the wettest lettuces in the salad draw.

    I hope it sinks without trace.

    and they all die in a pile up with a working wood chipper.
  5. England is NOT mentioned once in it ???? A load of crap...

  6. nor is football mentioned !.
  7. You will never replace 3 Lions, Never
  8. Vindaloo
  9. RTFQ


    I'm coming up with a good world cup anthem, it's called "One fist up a German, the other holds the Flag" and I want Karen O off the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to sing it. I know she's a yank but I'm angling for a root.

    The chorus goes something like:

    "they were balls deep and bleeding
    but they wouldn't stop believing
    Victory, like beauty,
    is taken by the brave"

    It's about the inevitable hotel spitroast scandal that roony and crouch will get themselves embroiled in.
  10. I do like Embrace music in general, however World Cup Anthem masters they are certainly NOT!

    Its a bag of crap and definatly not something you can shout after a good few pints of wifebeater!
  11. Fantastic - send it off to Skinner.

  12. I have just heard this pathetic excuse of a song for the first time thanks to BFBS.

    Cheeerist it is music to slit your wrists to.

    I can just imagine 30,000 fans starting to sing that and then stringing themselves up from the terraces.

    Just the sort of dirge the team needs to give them a boost.... :roll:
  13. In the greatest tradition of England we couldn't posibly sing about our country we have a song for the world cut that has no mention of football or England, whats wrong with 3 lions?
  14. Bollocks, do it Rugby style and sing Jerusalem.

    At least it mentions England.

    If we beat the Germans in one of the Finals, 2 World Wars and One World Cup would doubtless make an appearence!