World at War - episode 9 - Stalingrad

Excellent book by Beevor. Probably the best book of its kind. Highly recommended.
The World at War series is excellent too. Got the DVD.
Certainly does. Read it also. Outstanding author. His book on Berlin and his most recent on the Spanish Civil War are both as compelling.
The thing about the Stalingrad book was the way he desribes the utter misery of the Germans towards the end. So atmospheric, you could feel yourself there freezing and starving to death. Superb writer.

Anyone who wants to read any book on WW2, read this one. It is an easy read because of the style of the writer so don't be afraid of a dry and boring read, (unlike autobiographies of retired generals). It is a page turner and leads you through one of the great battles of WW2.
Totally agree. Would be interesting to know the Russian perspective (in Stalingrad and indeed in general), as I don't recall the topic being that well covered in English. Does anyone know of a decent book in that regard?
Vassily Grossmans a Writer at war is pretty good, its a compilation of his reports and notes from the eastern front covering almost all the major battles.


The whole WAW series is on you tube, I got Ugly Junior Mk2 watching it in readiness for his History GCSE!
I watched it when it first came out and we didnt have colour telly!
Wow, imagine having to watch all that WWII b/w footage in b/w! 8O

Made sure you always had a shilling for the meter then? :lol:



No they used to interview people in colour, remember the ones in East End pubs where the old folk were talking about the Blitz?
I was also (no wah) using the B&W telly comment to date how old the series was although in my mind it was and is brilliant, better than all of this revisionist "shouldnt have nuked the nips" crap thats taught at schools now!
What was funny in a way was that it took 30 years to produce a series about the war in this depth as if it was a dirty secret to be hidden for that long!
Its a great series, a friend of mine works at the History Channel and she keeps me in a constant stream of unclaimed competition prizes, so I got the DVD boxset with the whole series and extras, wicked! Its great for the student of military history as one of the DVDs has uncut interviews with people like Mark Clark and Lord Mountbatten. Its all about Lawrence Oliviers narration though, now he can do accents! 'Alone', 'Inside the Reich''The Desert War' and 'Morning' are my favourite episodes...


There was if I recall a lot of fuss made about the Choice of narrator and war records but it has stood the test of time and is a classic.
Try this book Island Of Fire by Ive both books, bloody excellent expensive yes, but way way worth it, tells you in minute detail about Stalingrad, and the Island of Fire explains it down to the number of grenades carried!!!!
Quite right Ug, there were various in colour. As you say the blitz interviews, and the Sherwood Forester’s on Anzio etc. I don’t suppose 30 years on was an unreasonable gap, considering, (A) the immediate post-war mood to forget the war and move on, and (B) the fashions and policies of the media. After all, everybody had a story after the war because everybody was in it. At my school for instance, not only was nothing taught of the war (including WWI), asking any master about it – or what they did – was expressly forbidden. The only bonus about detention was talking with the cleaning lady who used to refurb gun turrets and told of the bits of body she had to dig out – riveting for a schoolboy. Remember the amount of people seen wearing old bits of uniform for rough work – especially berets.

Disappointing to hear about the bomb history taught. I thought indoctrination teaching had gone? Certainly wrong for history – if you accept it as a never ending argument of course.
Rock-on Alan Taylor :thumright:

joey_deacons_lad said:
You can also get the great war series on you tube im unable to access it from work so can get a linky but some searching should pull it up
Failing that the Great War series should also be available on DVD. I got the 7 disk set about 5/6 years ago, in tandem with the World at War DVD set as a Xmas present from Mrs lancslad. The detail, first-hand accounts etc. are excellent and in a realistic world (obviously not an environment that the current govt resides in) both series would be compulsory material for kid's history classes.

World at War was a fantastic series... Which I not once got to see at GCSE or Alevel!! instead watched it on my own wanting :D The Stalingrad episode is definately one of the better in the series
Much better than 'Enemy at the Gates'. I thought they missed a trick with that one, could have been so much better. When I first heard they were making a film about Stalingrad I thought it would be a corker. Personally, I thought it was shite.
jack-daniels said:
Much better than 'Enemy at the Gates'. I thought they missed a trick with that one, could have been so much better. When I first heard they were making a film about Stalingrad I thought it would be a corker. Personally, I thought it was shite.
I agree with you. It could have been a much better film. The special effects/uniforms/equipment were spot on. But what an ending!! How lame. 'Top german sniper just walks out into the open across a rail yard, after waiting in position for hours to bag his soviet counterpart'. Very realistic. I am sure all snipers do that after finishing their stalk!.

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