World at War, BBC – now what?

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by No.9, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. After years of this significant History series on contract to the former UKTV History, BBC 2 are showing it during weekday afternoons – well done.

    As reasonably expected with a ‘series’, and a numbered series at that, they started at part 1 and continued consecutively. Other than one instance of unprofessional sloppiness where this 4:3 transmission was not transmitted with the appropriate 4:3 digital code for viewing on a 4:3 set, it’s been good.

    However, on 03/03/09 it was time to show #20. ‘Genocide’, and this didn’t happen. Consecutive transmission jumped from #19 to #21 - why???

    More BBC sloppiness? Inappropriate content? A now ‘discredited’ edition? Despite the BBC ‘alledgely’ being a National public service paid for by us, accountability appears to be low. You can ask, with difficulty, and even perhaps get some sort of answer – maybe, eventually – but as to anything actually being done commensurate with public demand………

    Something did happen over the recent Ross/Brand incident, but only after mass outcry pick-up by the media. The WaW item is minor in comparison, but perhaps might at least merit/produce a proper reply if enough asked about it?

    If you care to ask, there’s a relatively painless way by going to
    and clicking on ‘make a complaint’, then ‘Television programmes’, and asking.


    If you want a ‘cut-and-paste’, suggest:

    World at War: Can you please advise when part 20 ‘Genocide’
    will be shown as it was missed from the current schedule
    on 03/03/09.
  2. I'd wondered that too mate but I couldn't be arrsed complaining.

    Thanks to your link and cut 'n' paste, it just took me about 30 secs


  3. It looks as though the BBC don't intend to show this episode-

    I wonder if the content is deemed too unsuitable for the 1405 timeslot - the episode does start with Olivier giving the one and only 'some viewers may find the scenes in this episode disturbing' for the series, and it is (unsurprisingly) the grimmest of the lot.
  4. Is this an old series? Shown on sky?
  5. Is this the old series with the awesome intro music or a drama thingy?.
  6. It's the original 1973 history of WW2, complete with Larry Olivier and his unique way of pronouncing 'Ukraine' and 'Stalingrad' and an array of the great and the good telling us what they did in the war.
  7. Sadly, yes.

    But who exactly would be able to watch a program at this time.

    1. NO CHILDREN IN SCHOOL. Unless they have a "video moment" widow in some bizarr lesson.

    2. Chavs at home. Extra commentry from Broon who tries to tells the truth.

    3. Pubs in the UK. Extra commentry from Blair and wife who describe thier disgust at the illegal use of vatican passports after 1945. All those Nazi killers escaping to South America. What a shame.

    4. Any takers?

    Typical example of the Ministry of Information at its best.
  8. If ‘they’, in their infinite Nanny wisdom, feel the content is not suitable for a 14:05 slot when incidental mothers might be recovering from their previous night on the streets, and shooting-up - sorry - preparing for the next, or junior is chilling-out on their daily fix of cheap booze, then maybe fair comment? I suppose they lop it in with American films about black men who only refer to each other with the ‘N’ word and most of the rest of the script is taken up with ‘B1tch’ or ‘Mudda-fcuker’ – shown no doubt for balanced cultural Pubic Service reasons? :wink:

    Unless there is an agenda for WaW to be shown at 14:05 so teachers can screen it for class, in general I would have though it better scheduled for evenings or weekends in the first place? However, if #20 Genocide is only ‘suitable’ for adults then the BBC only have to announce this, (especially as they clearly relish feckless gob-overs these days), and that the episode will be shown after say 21:00 – not exactly the proverbial rocket science is it? :roll:

    and, then again if there is mass truancy that could reduce class sizes to 20 or less, and another Bliar promise fulfilled!!! :slow:
  9. That episode has been shown a couple of times on UK History digital; should be required viewing for youngsters.
  10. [align=center][​IMG]
    Now, pay attention men.

    A while ago I asked if you’d take the trouble to ask the BBC when they would show episode #20 ‘Genocide’, which they omitted for the current transmission.

    Well, you’ve succeeded. Today they showed episode #26, the last of the general series, and announced there was ‘one more episode’ which was ‘unsuitable’ for showing at this time of day so will be shown next Tuesday the 17th at 23:20hrs. Checking the forward listings, this is indeed ‘Genocide’.

    Well done all of you and thank you.

  11. Actually, if the BBC made it today it would be fronted by Arthur Lowe, going on a 'personal journey of discovery' from Walmington-on-Sea to the Wolf's Lair on the back of a Sherman tank. He'd meet amusing locals along the way, and cry at his 9th cousin's grave. Bah!
  12. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I am seriously considering binning my tv and sattelite dish this year for a 6 month trial. I am planning to use I player etc on a big feck off flat monitor and cancelling my license fee (aka bbc tax) to see if I miss anything. In my honest opinion TV value ended after the early 70's and the demise of quality tv.
    I'm going to dig up my back issues of Private eye and regress to the early 70's when I didnt have a TV.
    World at war, quality television!
  13. Getting Mr Lowe to front it would be a coup indeed: He died 27yrs ago.

  14. You know what I mean... :roll:
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Classic series. They did another one called Cold War which is equally as impressive. If anyone wants a copy PM me some details and I'll burn it to DVD for you, it will cost you a small donation to Holidays 4 Hero's.