World at War – Daily Mail DVD offer

Following the TV ads I bought a copy today, (ordinarily I don’t bother with newspapers as I can’t see the point of forking out just to confirm the date), which contained the promised DVD and info on how to get ‘the series’.

The offer is, today you get (episode) 4. Alone: May 40-41, and the first token towards the total of eight different you need for ‘the series’? Daily take your token into WHSmith or Easons and swap for THAT DAY’S DVD. Or send the lot in with £6.99 for the ‘series’ of 14 DVDs - something like that anyway.

So? So fair enough except Mail says, apart from repeatedly stating ”the series”, that ”Here episode by episode, is the full, compelling story that will unfold in each days’ Mail over the next two weeks.”

Hello – ‘the series’ was/is 26 episodes long – not 14! The Mail copywriter apparently has never heard of Italy for example, a campaign over 600 days but nevertheless covered in part (only up to Rome ’44) by WaW in episode 13. ‘Tough Old Gut’.

*Asterisk denotes Mail offer:

1. *A New Germany: Rise of nazis (1933–1939)
2. Distant War (September 1939–May 1940)
3. France Falls (May–June 1940)
4. *Alone: The Battle of Britain (May 1940–May 1941)
5. Barbarossa (June–December 1941).
6. *Banzai: Japan Strikes (1931–1942)
7. On our Way: America Enters the War (1939–1942)
8. *The Desert: The War in North Africa (1940–1943).
9. *Stalingrad (June 1942–February 1943)
10. *Wolfpack: U-Boats in the North Atlantic (1939–1943)
11. Red Star: The Soviet Union (1941–1943)
12. *Whirlwind: Bombing Germany (September 1939–April 1944).
13. Tough Old Gut: Africa to Rome (1943–1944)
14. *It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow: Burma (1942–1944)
15. *Home Fires: Britain (1940–1944)
16. Inside the Reich: Germany (1940–1944)
17. *Morning: D-Day (June–August 1944).
18. Occupation: Holland (1940–1944)
19. Pincers (August 1944–March 1945)
20. *Genocide (1941–1945)
21. Nemesis (February–May 1945).
22. Japan (1941–1945)
23. *The Pacific - The Island to Island War (February 1942–July 1945)
24. *The Atomic Bomb (February–September 1945)
25. *Reckoning (April 1945)
26. Remember

You can get the FULL set from Amazon, eBay etc (without any tokens) for around £65 (or less), or, UKTV History frequently shows the series (all or part) on Freeview, and, the next run starts Monday 9th July with ‘A New Germany’, i.e. episode 1.

I applaud any paper promoting history, but bulk at (more) bollox copy. Any jurnos lurking must understand – real people die in making war history, not to make money spinners for bearded cretins in Hollywood or Nippon sprite programmers or powder nosed hacks.

Thanks for that No9, did think it was too good to be true and thanks to you I now know it is.

Thanks to taz for that link too.

Got the full set - by far the best documentary made, in the days when the BBC made programs to be proud of.
Completely agree it is a worthwhile series. While not comprehensive, with such a large and diverse subject to be presented to Joe Public you’ve got to select ‘highlights’ so to speak. e.g. no war in the Balkans episode. Personally disappointed with #13. Tough Old Gut on Italy as it starts with N.Africa and ends at Rome. Don’t see N.Africa was necessary in this episode, and, there should be a part two covering Rome (June 44) to the end, May 45, and a mention of Trieste as a flashpoint for WWIII.

Appreciate you can’t do it all, but what you do, do well.

On the back of the ‘free’ DVD sleeve, there’s an advert for owners Fremantle. It mentions 26 episodes (@ 50 mins, not 1 hour) and their web site where the sets are 1p off £100. 8O

No bad thing if all this serves as a gateway for Joe Public to the full history of WWII which they would hopefully go on to discover?

Re links, mentioned this before, for books try

It's a book search engine which includes Amazon, ABE, etc. Hence you get very wide cover. This engine is usually unforgiving with misspelt words so be accurate. Also, suggest usually leaving 'Author' blank for a specific title as sellers can enter Authors in different formats, and sometimes not at all if the book is say an HMSO transcript with an editor or editors rather than an author.

I smile sweetly at the two ladies in my local WHS, and they drop a buckshee DVD in my hand without the aggro of buying the paper - sorry I mean rag.

So that's nice. :sunny:
I've tacked this on here rather than double headline from the History section.

BBC2, Sat 14, 19:15 – Two Men Went to War

Not wonderful but of interest. It’s a screen adaptation of Raymond Foxall’s book ‘The Amateur Commandos’ (also ‘Against All Odds’), where he tells the true story of two men from the Dental Corps who decided to mount their own attack on the Atlantic Wall. Foxall does write historical novels prompting some lovey reviewers to include this – but not so. The film has a ‘Dad’s Army’ element and is being shown after one said episode, however, as ‘Charlotte Grey’ was to Nancy Wake, you may find this film worth a look. Actual books usually set you back £15+.

To those interested, The Daily Mail is now issuing the whole series.
Awol said:
Taz_786 said:
Good work.

I own the DVD set and thought it was too good to be true.

Much cheaper from any of these places:
Cheaper than free?
AWOL makes a good point here. If you go to ArmyNet and then click into the Army Library Services, you'll find that they may well have it in stock and will probably send you a copy for free. You will have to send it back but how many times do you want to watch it anyway?

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