World Action Day and London Rally

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by roman, Apr 1, 2005.

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  1. :D World Action Day 6th April 2005...a chance for your relatives abroad, to go to their embassy and protest at Defence Cuts in the services.

    Save the Regiments Rally 9th April 2005
    Meeting point near Speakers' Corner
    Time 1 pm
    March off around 1.30
    Rally Trafalgar Square.
    Speakers from a number of regiments,(north and south of the border);also from a number of political parties.

    After hearing comments today, by dispersing members of the Nimrod Squadron, about the fact the cuts are" ****sh**" ,they have been invited to join in our protest.
    This is for anyone interested in making the defence cuts history and making a stand on this issue.
    Whether you are serving,ex-service,spouses,families,relatives or just interested in the future of the army and the other services,I invite you to be there.
    It will be a good day. Serving soldiers,(it isn't against the law);Bands,colours,old soldiers, British legion; all together .
    Can we make more noise than all the other protests?With your help...WE CAN.
    "Each of us ,must make these days memorable,in the history of our race." :)
  2. Think you better change that to Save the Forces Rally.

    Haven't the Jaguar guys gone too?