Workshop Manager

Having problems filling this vacancy at my place of work apparently, calibre of applicants etc. In my experience probably suit someone from a REME or Royal Signals workshop background but probably others would fit too. Please see below and if interested let me know and I will see if I can arrange contact through HR. Approx £35k per annum, Watford based - M25 J19.

To provide effective management of the internal repair and service team and facility and provide first line supervision.

The Service/Repair Manager will be a member of the Manufacturing Management Team and responsible for the repairs process, resource and facility as well as supporting external service requirements. The position will take ownership of the repairs process and manage the handling of repair units through the process to completion, including material transactions and resource management.

The role will require close management of the process, resource and capability to ensure all operations are carried out in a timely manner. There will be a continual focus on quality and customer satisfaction, often requiring a fast turnaround and a requirement to support external service activities which will generally be performed by the Technical Support Engineers.

Cross training the Technical Support Engineers in the service and repair of the product mix is an essential element of the management function to ensure resource is available to support the business needs and Customer requirements.

* You will be managing a current repair facility within a high technology engineering organisation.
* Manage repairs through the repairs process in a timely manner.
* Assign resources to ensure that facility operates efficiently and organise cover for absence.
* Ensure targets are achieved and report performance metrics.
* Continuously monitor output / targets to ensure that appropriate corrective actions are carried out (eg re-assigning labour, sourcing technical or management support)
* Liaise with production planners to ensure material supply.
* Provide regular / daily status report on work in progress to Sales Support Administration specifically on agreed fast turn commitments
* Monitor the status of the loan equipment pool and ensure all available units are maintained in a state of readiness
* Ensure maintenance of radiation logs as appropriate
* Ensure GMP / H&S standards and process compliance are maintained
* Responsible for identifying training needs of all team members
* Perform repair operations as required
* Perform material transactions as required and ensure all admin duties are carried out satisfactorily
including timely completion of correct documentation
* Encourage the team to initiate and sustain an environment of continuous improvement
* Ensure that everyone in the team is working in a safe manner and that the area is a safe working environment in all aspects of Health and Safety (eg PAT testing, calibration, noise protection)
* Provide first line resolution of problems
* Carry out yearly individual performance reviews and appraisals of direct reports
* Responsible for accurate recordings on operator time sheets
* Responsible for identifying training needs of all cell members
* Responsible for all disciplinary matters arising within the team
This job has been on hold for some time but now available again as a supervisor. PM if interested in further information.

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