Works well when put under pressure

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Clerk_of_Jerks, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. I had the following put on my CR recently:

    'Works well when put under pressure'

    When this is read in Glasgow does it mean:

    a) 'Works well when put under pressure'
    b) 'Works well when watched'
    c) 'When not under pressure he is a lazy bugger and swans along without a care in the world'

    Anyone had anything similar?
  2. like a "JACK"

    well you are a cone-heid.

    :D :wink: :D :wink:
  3. Once had
    "Some what of a likeable rogue who I would readily take to war"

    So im a dogdy tw*t who he wants to see die
    Nice cheers for that Sir
    The same bloke who also refused to put a number in the grade box as under the old rules i was outside the promotion brackets and he wanted to make a protest.
  4. Or does it mean that you can take your boots and socks off unsupervised to help with calculations? :D

    Dig at CoW time again I believe. :twisted:

    I would think it would depend on what else is in the CR.
  5. Whats that, spent two weeks as a SSgt mulling it over or unit managed to get its S*** together early as a Sgt?

    Either way it depends on whether there is a small pencil mark on the corner of your P file!

    (Or open to interpretation by the board)
  6. "Works well under pressure" sounds suspiciously like "Works well under constant supervision"

    It can be interpreted two ways, ie you thrive under pressure or you only work well when pressure is applied on you.

    Had any run ins with your OC this year?
  7. The key word here is "put"

    You have to be put under pressure before you work well.
  8. What is a CR, and what does it mean for your Career?
  9. I had "always retains his sense of humour" put in my red book. 10 years later and I'm still not sure what they meant.
  10. Maybe it's suggestion that you change career, and apply to be a track pad?
  11. 'Works well when put under pressure'

    Are you a navy diver?
  12. Maybe it means you just aren't funny? :lol:
  13. I think thats the polite way of saying that work cannot be delegated to you and you need constant supervision.

    sorry for being so blunt, but it should not have been a shock - A good line manager should have made sure that what was in your report was the same as your normal feedback. If not feel free to query it.
  14. As Orderly Cpl one of the funnier comments I've had was;
    "Performed excellently in post despite at the time being very unwilling to take it on"