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Works Ticket

Hello All I need help from any MT bods out there. Im trying to make our transport system work better. To that end does anybody know where I can get my hands on a Transport Operations Record AFG 8225 (Works Ticket). Theres no point reinventing the wheel. If any one can send me a copy by fax 0099412 4474710 or e mail keith@oti.in-baku.com that would be great.
Yogi, not sure if it's my memory failing or not, but I'm sure the 825 was replaced by the 1002 - and neither of those are a works ticket. The works ticket is the 1001A.

Unless of course the AFG 8225 is some new fangled JAMES paperwork in which case i stand corrected!

It was the AF G810, replaced by the FMT1002 and now provided electronically by the Joint Asset Management and Engineering Solutions Systems being rolled out across the MoD. That said, if JAMES is not available, for example on operations, then you revert to the paper FMT1002 system. Do you have an A3 sized Fax?
It has been replaced by the FMT1002, If you have access to the intranet, log on to the JAMES web site you can download all the 1000 series of docs from there.
If anybody has an electronic copy of the FMT1001a form, front and rear it would be really apprciated. We only have paper copies, and would really like it electronically.
I don't have access to JAMES though, so if anybody has a copy can they send it through please.
Your unit MT should have a copy of JSP 800 Vol 5 Edition 3(this replaced JSP 341 and is the current MOD Transport Regulations). All FMT 1000 series paperwork can be found there.....

Your unit will have a nominated Master Driver at Brigade level, I am sure he will help if asked.........
JSP 800 I hope someone is counting the number of trees all this paperwork kills-oops sounded like a loony civvy-oops I am:)

Seriously though the better half in my marriage has had loads of issues re tpt and even she said she wished they had works tickets! How sad :0
Does anyone have a excel/ PDF or word document copy of the Transport Operations and Details record,
This would solve my Nigeria vehicle fleet issues.
Ex REME stab.

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