Works Group Royal Engineers (Airfields) - Oxon

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by buddahboy, May 17, 2006.

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  1. Works Group Royal Engineers (Airfields) - Wks Gp RE (Airfields)
    Hi can anyone tell me what this group actually does. If you join the RE in the Air Support area what kind of work do you end up doing?
    Cheers in advance
  2. i work at on a raf base as a tradesman, we have nothing to do with air spt.

    if you want more details pm me.

  3. And I don't believe Air Sp is a trade, it is just a role carried out by one (Soon to be 2) Reg Regt and 2 TA regt.

    You can't join specifically to do air sp, just request 39 as a posting preference.

    As knocker says, Wks Gp (Airfields) is a totally different kettle of fish. They carry out artisan works and design work.

    Air Sp Regts carry out the enabling tasks to provide deployed operating bases to the RAF, JHF, anyone else who needs an airfield. This can range from bringing an already available airfield up to the standard required by the operators to the extreme of creating a harrier DOB in a forest. They also have an airfield damage repair (ADR) capability although these days this is more likely to be used as the FLOT moves forward and we take over enemy airfields and repair the damage done by ourselves!

    Sorry, just in case you don't know - RAF = Royal Air Force, JHF = Joint Helicopter Force, DOB = Deployed Operating Base, FLOT = Forward Line of Own Troops
  4. Humphrey_De_Tiluel is correct in saying that Wks Gp RE (Airfields) carries out artisan and design work on RAF Main Operating Bases (MOB) but it also has a deployable role now.

    In the past the role was quite sedentary with only MOB work and the occasional overseas tour being carried out. Wks Gp RE (Airfields) was due to become deployable (operationally) on 01 Jan 02 but this was hastened in the wake of 11 Sep 01. After that date personnel deployed in support of Fast Jets, JHF and C130s in Oman, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    When required the Works Group can form into three full STRE (AS) (Specialist Team Royal Engineers (Air Support)) thereby copying the role of 529 STRE. This has happened during OP Fingal, OP Veritas and OP Telic and even now Works Group has personnel deployed on Air Support operations.

    Any more information pm me as I am also serving with them at the moment.
  5. ^ Apologies, I meant to expand on the Wks Gp role assisting the Air Sp units on deployed Ops.
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