Works Bogs

Where I work I like to talk a walk round the site whilst taking a fag break. It’s a rather large site and affords me the opportunity to take a dump in varied locations. I have just been in one and noticed high upon the windowsill a stack of grumble mags. Imagine my delight at having some suitable reading material whilst chopping a length off. I was tempted to crack one off but I needed a smoke. The mags were only copies of razzle and had not been gummed up; I may when a little bored of the office pop down and help the owner turn it into a massive lump of paper mache.

Anyone else find anything of interest whilst dumping on works time?
A blood smeared bog brush! 8O
hallveg said:
A blood smeared bog brush! 8O
Thats scary, at my work I try not to use the bogs as its so disgusting, they have this mong he really is special needs I think and one day he came down and his hands were covered in shite and he smeared it on the door handle! My boss told him he was a dirty fucker, when someone went to the toilet the mong had missed the toilet and a nice log was on the floor, and he had picked it up.

So now I go at lunchtime at Sainsburys toilets.
In our yard the cleaner uses a fire hose to clean the bogs,occupied or not.
On nightshift I go to the Ladies bogs - cleaner than the blokes (well in appearance anyway) I am sure the cleaner goes round putting all the logs in the Gents and then leaves them - it fookin hums at the Vokend!!

Things I have seen on job site sh1tters:

Various company names,
Pot o' Gold
Log Cabin (no, really!)

Really bad graffiti,

Flush twice, it's a long way to the kitchen!

Wasps, spiders and all manner of nasty beasty. Guaranteed to shrink already small equipment... :oops:

I hate those things. :cry:

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