Workplace wnaking

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by joey_deacons_lad, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. Whilst on my third trip to the toliet in work today a sudden urge came over me. Maybe it was the smell of the day old pre digested curry eminating from between my legs or the mental picture of Maddie Mcann. But i felt the need to have a good hard thrap unfortunatley someone came in for a slash and ruined the moment and the urge faded but you cant beat a good bit of self abuse at work does anybody else feel the same as me
  2. I'm giving up wnaking tomorrow.
  3. i give up working ages ago :D
  4. ive wanked at work a few times, and also on the train, in an empty that wrong?
  5. Nothing wrong with this at all. I once banged one out into a junior troop commander's left boot, combat high. While the newest member (ksnurk fnaar!!) of the troop held the grot mag.
  6. always amazed me why they fitted heaters in the line of fire in NI sangers:)
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  7. i had one in a train bog once thinking of the huge woman sitting opposite me

    im a sick boy i know
  8. is it wrong to do it on the Tri-Star toilets heading back from tour??
  9. I think that the police are looking for you. The carriage had CCTV. They did say that the evidence may not stand up to a prosecution.
  10. Also by gentle hip movements i manged to blow my load whiles lying in a frozen field doing an ambush. It was suprising how warm it was well at first :oops:
  11. No, its mandatorry.
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  12. If I had a cap on, I would doff it to you.

    Then hit you with it, your thrapping and spasmic grunting may have compromised the ambush.
  13. Whilst in the Oman, one of the blokes waanked into the water bottle of a chap who wasn't well liked. Watching him drink it was a pleasure to us all!!
  14. It was a platoon of ta recruits so my grunting was lost in the considerable background noise
  15. Ahh the good old days of convoy cock on the long autobahn trips, worst place in the world dvr of a 432 when the commander had a good stash of wank mags!