Working With Pictures & Attachments

Adding images to posts is one of those topics that keeps on coming up time and time again so I thought I'd put some information on how the fandango new attachment system works.

First of all a few top tips:

* Images shouldn't be more than 550 pixels wide otherwise they'll make the page too wide!
* The maximum size for a jpg file is currently just under 200kb which is absolutely plenty for anything displayed on a website.

Right now down to the nitty gritty!

The easiest way to add an image is using the enhanced WYSIWG toolbar which can be activated in your General Settings under Miscellaneous options (down at the bottom of that page).

Once you've done that create a new thread or reply and click on the paperclip button to the right of the smilie (see image below) and then upload whatever files you need:

Having uploaded the files that you need select the position in the text that you want your attachment to go and then select whichever attachment you want to be displayed there which will give you some the 'attach' tags with a number in the middle. Sorted!!

Hope that makes sense? Let me know if not
To add photo click on “insert image” - see red arrow
Insert image.jpg

This will bring up the “Add an image” window - choose either to add “From Computer” or “From Url”
If you choose “From Computer”” you then browse you computer for the file name, if “From Url” add the internet address of the photograph.
Add an image.jpg

It is worth checking your post by clicking "Go Advanced" which will then show a preview of your post, then , if you are satisfied post your reply.
Admins, I find uploading of own images really difficult (as oppose to url based images off the web). Some of it is down to me, but other functionality should be provided by the provider that does the backbone of the forum. Is there a possibility of re-sizing pictures and make multiple attachments at the same time when uploading from one's machine? I struggle quite a bit with that and it takes me ages to upload just a few snaps. A lot of pics taken with my D90 (12MP) do not get uploaded at (too big?) and I'd rather not resize them all (which will create yet another version on my HDD) before uploading, any thoughts? thanks chaps, great site otherwise, crack on!

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