Working while on resettlement/terminal leave

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cakenarse, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. Im after some advice, i leave after 22 years at the end of this year, i have banked all my resettlement and intend to take this along with my terminal leave in one go. i have a job offer that ties in with these dates. My question is - can i recieve pay while working for my new employer while on my resttlement/terminal leave, if not can i recieve finanical bonases from my new employer i.e. relocation payments during this period.
  2. I was in the same position 7 years ago - the rules then allowed me to work for my new employer. As a matter of courtesy it may be worth clearing this with your current boss - every circumstance is different and that is your call. Your admin office shouldn't need to know, but I would let your new employer/HR know that you are receiving a second salary for tax purposes, otherwise you are likely to underpay tax and the tax man never forgets (unless it is where he left THE CD's). As part of this period is resettlement you may also be entitled to allowances as if you had gone on a course, again the rules may have changedi n the last few years. My advice would be to get your ducks in a row bit by bit without necessarily declaring your hand too early. Good luck
  3. Yep same here, started work for my new boss a month before I stopped working for HRH.

    Got 2 month pay, which was nice but had to pay 2 lots of tax which wasn't.

    As bob says this was a couple of years ago now so it is possible the rules have changed a bit since then.

    But as I was bitter and twisted at the end I really really didn't give a fcuk and didn't know or care whether my CoC knew what I was doing.
  4. You are allowed paid work with another employer during your resetlement and terminal leave. As has been said be honest with your new employer and the tax man and enjoy the extra cash for a couple of months.
    I seem to remember the admin office had a form to fill in which entitled you to two wages so it may be worth having a word with your resetlement officer.
    However it was a long time ago when I left and I've had a drink since then!
    BTW welcome to the real world. It's not as bad as all that, but you will miss the banter....thank god for Arrse.
  5. I did this last year, during resettlement your are on duty and therefore cannot be paid. I took individual resettlement and chose to work and not get paid. If you can negotiate a welcome bonus to be paid at the end of the resettlement period that is allowed. You can work and get paid during terminal leave, but take note of the tax advice above.
  6. Think you can only 'legally' be paid for terminal leave period - circa one month in my case several years ago. Sort out signing on bonus or similar to cover any other time you work as indicated earlier.

    Must be in some regs or other somewhere?
  7. Rules are as already posted and have not changed. I've literally just finished my terminal leave during which time I did paid work.

    Being taxed on DO rate hurts a lot!

    One to watch though is that the tax office still think I've got 2 jobs (and a pension), I am going to be taxed 40% on everything again this month. This is mainly due to the time it took for the MOD to send out my p45, keep an eye on that one.
  8. Thanks for the replys, i think i will speak to my new employer and get them to pay the equivilant wage for the first 2 months as a signing on bonus or relocation bonus to be paid on day one of my terminal leave. The tax advice is welcome, i was aware that i will be stung in that department as i am currently on the threshold for higher tax as it is. My new employer is actual a civi company that works for the MOD is my current place of work, so its a case of bin the green kit one day and start work in civis the next day.
  9. Also remember that you can work during any annual leave, just ask for your boss's permission in writing. I had 17 days annual + terminal + resettlement and worked through the lot, I was paid by my new company for the annual and terminal but not the resettlement.

    Don't even mention Tax, what a nightmare still no P45! The nice taxman tells me not to worry as I've filed a P46 and they will recover any tax oweing in due time including what I owe for the Company Car at 40%. Still, you have to earn it to pay it out, what a privilege! Will be nice to see my gratuity and pension at some point, I wonder if that is being "checked by a supervisor for accuracy" too.
  10. Chieftif..They paid my gratuity twice!!! Maybe I've got yours? If so the buggers have already asked for it back and I'll get round to it. It Looks too good in my account to give it straight back.
  11. Give them it back at 4 days pay per month, not a penny more! :D
  12. Dead serious now..I considered it. It's been in my account over a month, my bank manager even thinks I should wait until I get a final demand! I only got the letter yesterday saying sorry for the error but could I send them a cheque asap. I have this little devil appearing on my shoulder reminding me of all the times my pay was messed up.

    But even so, I've written the cheque, just need to post it. Do you think I'll get my 36p back for the stamp?
  13. You mean you haven't subtracted 36p from the total? 8O

    BTW, I'd go with your bank managers advice.
  14. I got out in 92 on redundancy. Although my termination date was September, I began work for a civvy firm in April, and was paid by the army for the duration. May have changed since, but if you're leaving the chances are that the system will have written you off anyway. Go for it, and enjoy.
  15. Re write the cheque so that you send it un signeg. Cue several more days interest whilst sorting out signed cheque etc.