Working today for nothing.

Sorry mate - you are wrong there.

Serving members of HMF get paid 365.25 days P/A divided by 12 to give monthly slary.

If it was a normal year, ie not a leap year would your pay be any different?

I dont think so, therefore this year being one day longer, with the same formula as last year, equals one day more for the same pay.
I think he was pointing out that you get paid an extra 1/4 day each year which covers the extra day in a leep year.

Those of us on a salary theoretically are working for free today. But then most of the time I don't do too much anyway and I'm waaaay overpaid to begin with so can't really complain. :D
Mighty_Blighty - A*. Very well done, have 10 house points and a merit star.

Trunnion-Tilt - F. Detention to cover extra mathematics.

We get paid the "Extra days pay" ie the 29th over a 4 year period - 25%of a days pay per year added on to our anual salary - therefore technically, yes we get paid 75% of a days pay less this year, but if you want to be pedantic - we get paid 25% of a days pay too much the other 3 feckin years!

I get paid by the day - when I work. Today I am on a chargeable day. Billy bonus. Roll on Monday when I get a very big pay packet, sell an old van and presumably try and piss as much of it up the wall as I can before lights out!
I hadn't thought of that. Mind you, I've just taken a commission for a suit in a rather nice Zegna cloth so that's my spends for the weekend sorted. My gaff, my rules.
Those who are paid by the army are now paid a fixed monthly rate so, since this month is only 29 days but you get the same 1/12th of your annual pay you are actually well in.

Those working for a daily rate will be short a days pay (or two depending how you look at it) in their pay packet.
I am making up for it by not doing any work. To be fair though I don't do any work on other days, so maybe I should bring it up with my manager that I am doing my usual workload with no extra pay. Yeah, that'll show the cnut.
Mr_Deputy said:
'steal' a post-it note - feel better
In my case, with what I get paid it's "steal a post-it note, make up your salary for the day" :(

Not that I'm expecting any sympathy!

Contractor, another £850 today

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