Working today for nothing.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Trunnion-Tilt, Feb 29, 2008.

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  1. Today is an extra day in the year 2008. Are you working it for nothing, serving members and those on a salary will be.
  2. Sorry mate - you are wrong there.

    Serving members of HMF get paid 365.25 days P/A divided by 12 to give monthly slary.

  3. If it was a normal year, ie not a leap year would your pay be any different?

    I dont think so, therefore this year being one day longer, with the same formula as last year, equals one day more for the same pay.
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I think he was pointing out that you get paid an extra 1/4 day each year which covers the extra day in a leep year.

    Those of us on a salary theoretically are working for free today. But then most of the time I don't do too much anyway and I'm waaaay overpaid to begin with so can't really complain. :D
  5. Mighty_Blighty - A*. Very well done, have 10 house points and a merit star.

    Trunnion-Tilt - F. Detention to cover extra mathematics.
  6. OMG !

    We get paid the "Extra days pay" ie the 29th over a 4 year period - 25%of a days pay per year added on to our anual salary - therefore technically, yes we get paid 75% of a days pay less this year, but if you want to be pedantic - we get paid 25% of a days pay too much the other 3 feckin years!

  7. Point taken, but,

    ah uckit.

  8. Im salaried so working for free. Im just not doing any work today.
  9. Im on contract hours so today is overtime.
  10. or p*ss in the kettle
  11. I get paid by the day - when I work. Today I am on a chargeable day. Billy bonus. Roll on Monday when I get a very big pay packet, sell an old van and presumably try and piss as much of it up the wall as I can before lights out!
  12. I hadn't thought of that. Mind you, I've just taken a commission for a suit in a rather nice Zegna cloth so that's my spends for the weekend sorted. My gaff, my rules.
  13. Those who are paid by the army are now paid a fixed monthly rate so, since this month is only 29 days but you get the same 1/12th of your annual pay you are actually well in.

    Those working for a daily rate will be short a days pay (or two depending how you look at it) in their pay packet.
  14. *Spits out brew*

    Hope none of you feckers works here! :D
  15. 1 lump or 2??!!