Working Time Directive(WTD)

With the advent of the "Working time Directive, which if I 've got it right means that you will be restricted to working 48 hrs per week in your main job , does anyone know how this will effect The T.A. > I know that HGV drivers are restricted on the amount of driving ,if any, they can do over the weekends, due to drivers hours regs, does this spell the end for the now renamed ,revamped, remodelled , regurgitated REserve Forces
Scouse g
polar said:
Surely the armed forces have an exemption, 48 hours would mean a regular soldier could only work for two days.
if they were working solidly for 2 days without rest then yes.
obviously the Military are exempt from the WTD when on ops.
dunno mate, no time between tours to go on exercise!! :wink:
If I remember correctly the WTD exemptions for the forces cover Ops and training for Ops - and that's it. Normal training is not included.

And yes it does apply to the TA , so the hours you work at the weekend should be included. Don't know who does though mind.

And it most certainly does apply to drivers hours - that's probably the most important one as it's the one you're most likely to be prosecuted for.
Believe you can "opt out" of the WTD by volunteering to work extra hours.

The WTD does apply to military service as pointed out by OOTS. You can take breaches to an ET after initiating a redress as with sex/race discrimination.
WTD is optional for employee's of UK business and govt' etc. The TA pay you = every tuesday counts to your weekly hourly limit, more likely than not - no-one will raise any issue.


As said above, you can individually opt out. My compnay has lots of employees who routinely work 60 hrs/week - they all sign a piece of paper to say they want to do this.

Don't think it's an issue - after all anyone who doesn't want a 40 hr plus week isn't going to be joining the TA are they......
Dont say that woody, it upsets the regs. They dont like that the career they take so seriously is merely seen as a hobby by those of us in the real world.

But as we all know, it's not a hobby, it's a cult...

Cult vrs hobbie ? an intresting argurment . Wierd clothes weird behaviour
weirder beliefs maybe we are a cult does that mean we can get charitable status ?
There is a UK opt out from the European Working Time Directive that prescribes that you can volunteer to work more hours. In my experience many employers hand you the waiver along with the contract and leave no doubt at all that the job is conditional on the waiver. Three volunteers please - you, you and you!
Only part of WTD you can't opt out of (I think) is drivers hours. One of the units I used to be with got round this by putting a register at the door which you filled in and signed to state your driving hours upto that point in the week. If you hadn't filled in the required info, it was assumed that you were available for driving duties!

Don't really know if this practice would have stood up in court!
Come on, we are talking about the TA now.
:lol: :lol:
Have you ever known anyone to work more than 2 hours a weekend without protest.

Anyone who signs to say they have worked more than that is telling porkies :!: :!: :!:
The CO is the only one who can authorise an exemption to dvrs hours and then only in writing. This should be done prior to any Ex, WE trg and be specific in what it is authorising.

JSP's 375 & 341 should be used for guidance.
Any competent expert on cults will tell you that typical cults display one or more of the following warning signs:

* A close-knit organization with strict rules and requirements for membership
* Dynamic leaders who exercise control and influence over members' lives
* Numerous activities which take up significant amounts of time
* Ritualistic activities, possibly including the wearing of special clothing
* Training and other activities which may be physically and emotionally draining
* Strong peer pressure in the group to achieve specific goals and obey the leader
* Requirements to make sacrifices for the good of the group
* Active recruiting efforts
* Promises of rewards, fame, and other benefits for complying with the demands of the group


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