Working Time Directive and the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_beer_man, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. I've done a search but nothing comes up.

    My boss at my job has started to get his knickers in a twist about me being in the TA. He's implying that if I do a TA weekend then I've not had enough weekly rest and that I'll have to take a day off during the next week to make up for it (unpaid of course).

    From previous experience with other employers this has never been the case. As far as I was aware, any work I did with the TA at the weekend and drill nights did not count towards my working week under the working time directive. I am fully aware that any driving I did would have to be disclosed due to driver hours regulations but to declare my TA work on my weekly timesheet sounds, quite frankly, complete arrse.

    He's pushing his half cocked opinion across as though he knows it for fact but when I ask him questions he changes the subject or does the usual mangerial crapola of spouting all the buzzwords that have appeared in his head during the last 30 seconds and changes the course of the conversation.

    I personally think he's using it as a way to save money as we've got lots of drivers sitting around doing nothing most days and to save 3 (thats how many of us are in the TA) drivers daily rates would really help his finances. Not bad from a company that is in partnership with the RSME and working with the regs is what we do.

    Any help guys as I'm sure I'm well within my rights to tell him to foxtrot oscar, that so long as he knows I'm in the TA he can't ask anything else. But then again I could be wrong and i which case I'm fcuked if I do a weekend.

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  3. I meant search on here but thanks anyway. Big help.

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    And I wonder who is going to be the first to be shown the door?