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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by brettarider, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Thinking of looking for work over in Afghanistan etc anyone recommend any decent companies etc to work for and what sort of roles they specialize in not looking a CP
  2. Over on All Callsigns, Fresh Approach Solutions are advertising vacancies for "Security & Vetting experts" if that's your thing. Failing that, they also have other positions.

    Have a look on All Callsigns, or go directly to Fresh Approach Solutions.
  3. If you are not looking for CP/PSD type work then what field are you hoping to work in?
  4. Telecoms or whatever mate would rather see whats on offer and take it from there
  5. Cow

    Cow LE

    Did you not have any luck with the interviews you were going for then? Or are you just missing the green stuff!
  6. No luck mate and circumstances have now changed so free to do whatever I want work wise do have a job offer here but tax free sounds beeter :D
  7. Just be aware of recruitment companies talking you into CP work.

    I've scraped up enough contractors to know that any job which takes you outside the wire without the military just isn't worth it!!
  8. MY son has just got a job in Dubai working for Nokia

    Whats your background Brettarider
  9. More fixed line telecoms, supervising construction/cabling laying/installs/ new network build &diversionary works contractor management etc
  10. RFUK: so how many contractors have you personally scraped up?
  11. Be carefull. even though you are out of the country and paid without tax deductions. You are still liable for uk tax contributions unless you manage to go non resident status.
  12. I'm sure that was meant to be condescending, but one incident which sticks in my mind is of a soft-skinned landcruiser which a CP team had driven into an EFP. The result was that the two guys in the front looked like they'd been through a blender and the two in the rear, who died whilst we were on the scene, didn't look much better.

    The point I was making is that no matter how much you might get paid for doing it, the risks far outweigh the reward.
  13. Not meant to be condescending, I just think you have little knowledge of what you are talking about. Only cowboy companies would consider going outside of the wire without a B6 armoured vehicle, which don’t get me wrong won’t defeat EFP, but neither does will the armour on an M1 Tank. I now work for a PSC, I earn about 3 times as much as did when I was in forces (before tax), I have more time off, I get better kit. And provided mission are planned correctly and the US Mil are informed I have the same QRF and CASEVAC.
  14. OpsO

    So who do you work for mate?

    Pm me if you dont wanna say.
  15. Fair one. A lot of the companies I bumped into in and around Basra drove unarmoured land cruisers. Then again, they also wore sleeveless vests with cross draw holsters, huge knives on their body armour and baseball caps instead of helmets.

    There were some better companies out there, but even they seemed to get killed far too often.

    The issue for me is that I can understand putting your life on the line in service of your country. I just can't understand running the same risks for a few quid in the bank.