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Working Overseas and the TA..

Might be a daft question this..

there was something in my TAFS1 about telling someone about the places that your not supposed to visit, for security reasons etc.

Now, i belive, the list can be found in part 1 orders? correct?

Is there a list online somewhere?

Reason i ask... in my line of work, i'm taken to many places on this big fat world, but usually tend to be the arsecracks of civilsation.. now ive spent a fair amount of time out in the middle east but also china and septic land (god i hate septics with a passion)

Who would i speak to about this, i'm not wanting to make a song and dance about it all, i just want to cover my arrse before i get jumped on cos i didnt tell anyone where id been etc cos i cant imagine they get two many recruits through the door with 2 current passports and more stamps than a royal mail sorting office?

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