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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Brad-dog, Sep 5, 2013.

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  1. Does anyone have any advice about getting into the offshore industry? Currently have served 9 years as a Plant Operator in the Royal Engineers. Been looking at doing a commercial divers course and possibly a welders course but open to suggestions. Any advice on working offshore or courses/jobs to try and get into would be great.
  2. Also would be good to know what the industry is like for hiring right now and wether there is much work around
  3. [h=6][/h][h=6]offshore comms work[/h]
    Working offshore & getting a foot on the ladder

    By blueskies in forum Jobs (Discussion)

    [h=6]A couple of other threads on this above.[/h]Diving can be an industry that is not what you know, but who you know, very difficult to get into initially,
    Try some of the survey companies as they want and if you know your stuff, can get fairly rapid promotion. Ex WO1 went from back deck to running the whole show in 3 years.
    Main thing is to get your medicals and survival in as most companies will not look at you as an untrained person without them.

    PM me an email address and I will get some more data, companies to you.

  4. I'm assuming that having worked as a Plant Operator you must have some understanding of machinery and how it works. If that is the case then why not have a look at doing some of the Petroleum Open Learning courses in "Petroleum Processing Technology" Get half a dozen of the Modules under your belt, your MIST & Survival and then hit the agencies such as Petrofac, Wood Group etc. for a start as a Production Operator/Technician. Every Production Facility needs usually 5-10 of them per crew. (salary £50-70k)

    Petroleum Processing Technology Series, polcourses

    I don't know of anybody who has gone down this road and has not managed to get a job offshore.
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  5. Thanks for the link top post
  6. I know the OP stated working offshore but there's some seriously silly money to be made in Alberta up near fort MacMurray if you've got the relevant quals.

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  7. Have a look at: BEKK Solutions Limited ::

    Do a Gooooooogle search, there are lots of jobs offshore.
  8. I too am thinking of getting offshore when I leave, I'm looking at the drilling side, I'm ex infantry so don't have a trade has such but Im a grafter, and would much appreciate if someone can shine some light on this for me. Many thanks folks

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    Check the Oil Rig thread out as there's loads of chat on there .... Just go from page 70 backwards for the most up to date bumf .
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    From one of my posts :

    drilling contractors in aberdeen - Google Search

    Scroll down to the list in the link the of Drilling contractors based in Aberdeen , just give them a call for a general heads up view on what they're looking for from a New start !

    All the best .
  11. Thanks for that bud I'll check it out

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  12. Ill try to explain as much as i can as i work for one of the big four (Halliburton, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Weatherford) in the drilling services.

    Ill tell you for a start your army background means nothing and neither does any weird or wonderful qualifications you might have picked up along the way. Thats something you better get into your head right away and as you are infantry as i was the only work prospects that are probably open to you when you leave are unskilled and shitty paid.
    Now you can use that as a positive base to work from as you are basically a blank slate that can be trained up.

    I suggest that you start getting your feelers out and working on a good cv to send to any prospective future employer right away if you really do want to get into this game.
    Dont limit yourself by saying you want to get into drilling as there are other product lines that might interest you even more and be better suited to your character.
    Also "Offshore" is ther wrong way to look at it as most of the rigs ive worked on, in fact 90% are onshore and very rarely do we go offshore although we do have a few coming up off the coast of Sicily this year.
    I have spent the last four years working on geothermal land based rigs in Europe so its all luck of the draw and all depends on what contracts your employer gets.

    I got into the game by a combination of hard work and luck and being in the right place at the right time as my company needed someone who was fluent in a foreign language that i speak and thats how i got hired. Everyone i know has come into the job by a different route and there is no set or classic way in.

    You will have to convince whoever you get an interview with that you are a hard worker and also have the smarts to deal with the tech that we use. The hirers look for a well balanced combination of the ability to work hard in shit conditions and be able to improvise and also have an above average iq to deal with the tech that is forever improving and being updated.
    Its not rocket science so dont be put off by the classroom side of things because you will have to attend courses and pass the tests and its an ongoing thing and takes up roughly 30% of our time. When a company puts in a tender for a contract they have to include all the qualifications and safety certificates of the rig crews who will be on site and all this has to be up to date, which means you doing refresher courses every two years or so.

    When i started out i was put into the workshops for two years to learn all the gear from scratch, i had to unload all the gear coming back in from the rigs and clean all the mud and shit off of it ready for inspection and learn the various components and what they did and cart them off for inspection and then put them all back together again and keep doing this until i could do it blindfolded. When i had mastered all of this i was sent away to do an inspectors course, in fact two inspectors courses as we have to be certified at both EU and US level.
    Having passed that i came back and did a few other courses that were specific to my job and passed them and all the time i was doing the same shitty cleaning and putting together of the tools that noobs have to do.
    Then i progressed on to buliding up the different BHA,s and getting everything ready for the different jobs and making sure all the sizes and tools corresponded to the well planners job sheets etc.
    Then i got to go out on the rigs, a week or so at a time to get used to the enviroment and basically stand in a corner...stfu and watch and dont touch anything.
    Then slowly slowly i was allowed to participate whilst being watched like a hawk (not because they didnt trust me but because things go wrong in this line of work very quickly and you can loose an arm in the blink of an eye).
    Then when the powers at be decided i was trustworthy and had the right attitude i was taken on full time, this was after two years and thats roughly how long the probationary period is before they have a sit down and discuss wether to hire or fire you. I was one of two people hired and four got fucked off for various reasons.
    Thats why they have a two year probation period really because you cant hide your true character for two years.
    The reasons that the four got fucked off were all to do with character flaws, laziness,sloppy work ethic etc.

    The guy who got taken on with me is no longer in the drilling services as such but now is in the fishing dept which is a bit different.

    I like the DS as when we go away there is never really more than two of us and most of the time im on my own which suits me. Some of my mates are TRS people and they all go away five or ten at a time and its like a big school trip with them and none of them would want to work in the DS as the solitary life is not for them.
    Different folks different strokes.

    Any way i suggest you look up online the big four that i mentioned and try and get your foot in the door with one of them. The benefits are good and although the money is not astronomical anymore its still above average...and also this is recession free work and we have more than we can handle. Its also better to do your training and make your bones with one of the four i mentioned as then your reputation will be good.

    Dont let any agencies tell you or sell you their chickenshit courses as they arent worth a **** to be honest, your employer will train you up using their schools and their people to their spec.

    Anyway you can pm me if you like and when it gets closer to the time of you hitting civvy street i can give you a few pointers and the address of some outfits in the UK or Europe that may be able to help you.
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  13. Thank you very my much for the useful information, iv sent you a pm

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  14. Evening folks

    Im looking at the rigs as a future job like many others on here. I served 8 years as a class 1 royal signals communications systems operater and currently work as a security systems engineer for about 6 years. I have a few questions if anyboby wouldn't mind helping out with.
    1. Seems the first thing to do is contact the oil companies, should you just look at the "big 4" or should I be contacting everyone I can get a number for.
    2. Will companies take you on with out the relevant safety courses, or should I get myself booked onto these.
    3. Could I used my communications experience to get into the ops room or something like that.
    4. What would a really rough idea of starting pay if someone did take you on.

    Sorry to bombard, would really appreciate some help.