Working in the Unit full-time?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cavalier, Aug 9, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone tell me anything about this?

    If I were to work at my Unit on a full-time basis, would I be paid at my rank or as a MoD employee?

    And how does one become MT qualified?
  2. It depends on the job you were employed to do.

    We have some lads working full time in the G10 area, they started as 'extra' days but were then offered full time employment as NRPS at an apropiate rank.

    Same goes for the office/clerk type stuff, and I would guess in MT as well.
  3. No-Wah.

    If you're doing a Civi job, you'll be paid as a civi. If you're doing an NRPS job, you'll be paid at the NRPS rate equivalent for the Rank. If you're just hanging about at the unit full-time, then you'll be paid at your rank.

    If you want to be more specific (in PM if prefered), I can find the rates of pay for all of the above.
  4. Stab, No-Wah mate

    I was thinking of going NRPS, but does there need to be a position in place or can the Unit create one?

    I'm thinking of going in to recruitment (training and admin) and utilising the daytimes for the admin side of things as we used to have a Recruitment Sgt full time.

    Also, want to become MT qualified.
  5. Give the MT Section a photo-copy of your driving license and tell them you want to get qualified. Then the rest is up to them.

    T C
  6. Hmm I would, but our current MT hasn't been in since the new year I believe!!

    What licences would be required? I'm only just doing my B licence (slow I know) but if I were full-time, I could bang them out in no time.
  7. You're best option would be to liaise with your PSAO/RAO. My current understanding is that the unit is only able to open a "new" NRPS position once a justification has been submitted to Brigade level. Providing this is approved (takes a minimum of 6 weeks) then the position must be advertised in local media, MoD website and normally the civil service magazines for a period of no less than 1 week.

    For the reasons stated above it's usually easier for the unit to get someone in on an ad-hoc basis, i.e. a TA solider, to complete these tasks.
  8. Charia: That's what I was thinking!!

    Hmmm, my dilemma would be whether I be paid as a Civvie or Soldier? The latter paying equal value to my current (unreliable) civvy job. If I were to be paid at the MoD personnel rate, I'd be taking a massive pay cut!
  9. shortly there will be no longer be NRPS posts. those positions will become FTRS which although meaning you can sign on for longer periods, the FTRS rates are lower as you do not get the NRPS benefits.
  10. Depends on which commitment you are on. Full commitment gives you the full range of benefits (quarters/X factor) and the like that a regular gets, home and limited commitments get less. FTRS is also only available up to a maximum of 42 months. Speak to your PSAO/PSI who should be able to sort you out
  11. tbh, as long as my salary matches my current salary, which would mean getting paid at the lower scale of my regular counterpart, then I'm happy.

    I don't want quarters or X-factor and I wouldn't just be "hanging around the Unit doing ad-hoc duties", I would be doing a set job (probably ending up assisting the permanent staff with ad-hoc duties as well!!)

    I remember the OC saying that he wanted to create a position, and hire a full-time person to do it - but if it's got to be advertised then obviously he's going to choose the most qualified person for the job.

    PASO's been e-mailed, will speak to him in person next parade night.
  12. Which will probably mean you'd be paid your TA rate Mon-Fri, which means you won't get paid for weekends (unless training is on) or in other words you'd far worse off than a regular soldier doing the same job.

    My unit tried to get a LCpl employed as a 'IS Eng', it failed as the guy wasn't getting enough cash and he ended up getting a proper job (I believe the unit tried to create a NRPS position but failed?).
  13. Ah, so I wouldn't get a salary, more of the MTD equivalent? I see I see

    So wages would be worked out as 5 x MTD rate per week for Mon-Fri + training weekends. I'd lose out on parade night's pay as I'm already on the paysheet for that day (which is no drama anyway!!) rather than the equivalent annual salary?

    Hmmm, nothing's ever simple is it?! It was a nice thought, whilst it lasted!
  14. Let's say (in an ideal world) an NRPS post came up, another problem would be courses and camp! Surely the position would pay regardless of training (with the weekends being paid as extra MTD weekends of 2.5 days?) Or are NRPS post holders entitled to holiday?

    I've had a look on the army site and there's not a great deal of info on it.

    I think I've opened a can of proverbial worms.
  15. That's it in a nutshell.....and that's why Units get the boys in like that, cause it is cheaper....and they can tell you all of a sudden "Don't bother coming in tomorrow we don't need you for another couple of weeks". No contractual difficulties, no security to your income.

    Essentialy, you as the individual get very little from this sort of deal, the Unit is the party that benefits. And you have to have an extremely generous Trg Maj if you think that they will put you through your licences mid-week at their expense just for the heck of it! They only do what benefits the greater majority, if they need drivers they will trawl the Unit as a whole and put those earmarked for specific posts through the relevant tests. (Leastwise, that's how it has always worked in my Unit....or may be I'm just a cynic!)