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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Euan, Dec 23, 2007.

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  1. What would a typical IS Engineer and a Systems Engineer Technician do on tour and which trade would have a more varied day?

    Also, how would I get a placement in the 18th Signals Regiment?

  2. Work on passing Phase 1 first.

    As for your last,

    Don't know what you mean.................
  3. Euan, both varied and rewarding trades (merging together atm). IS is a pinch point and funnily enough Sys Eng a bit stretched too so you will be deployed.

    As for 18SR well lets leave that until you have joined up, completed trade training, deployed and done your first tour.

    Do that lot then get back in touch.

    Good luck
  4. If sys eng is the new buzzword for tech, I would recommend it as a good trade that can lead to a very varied career.
  5. I was under the impression that IS Engrs and Sys Eng Techs were NOW SUPER TRADESMEN!!!!

    And the new Communications Systems Engineer covered both trades.

    Thus the question is now redundant.

    Euan. Pass phase 1, phase 2 and get your class 2. By that time you will know how to get in to 18SR. You will undoubtedly be briefed up about it during phase 2.
  6. I wouldn't go as far as calling them super tradesman but yes they are now joining the training together
  7. Are you serving yet? If so, you could check out ArmyNET and there is a bit more stuff on there about what lads are doing on tour at the mo.
  8. Not serving as of yet but i'm off to Harrogate on January 6th.
  9. You've got ages to wait before you have to worry about that sort of stuff then.

    When you get there, if you see a scaley back, you could ask them about 18SR.

    Warning, any advice you get will be the instrs own opinion, but could whet your appetite for now.

    Harrogate, eh. Not as good as it used to be, but still good. Give my regards to Betty's Tea Rooms!!!!

    Because you're not allowed to drink, so you wont be going the Great Eastern or anyother of our old haunts :D
  10. Working, the Royal Corps.......

    Beggars belief, whatever happened to drinking, fighting and wenching???

    Merry Christmas, and on a serious note, good luck if you're joining up soon - time in the Corps should lead to good things in the future

    Certa Cito
  11. Once you have a service number, go to and sign up for an account. Winner! What trade are you going into at the moment?
  12. Recruting again PD? :D
  13. Indoctrination mate, indoctrination. Merry Xmas by the way!
  14. I'm going in as an IS Engineer at the moment. It's not letting me register but I probably won't have any luck until I go off to Harrogate.

    Merry Christmas