Working in the Falkland Islands?

Population is closer to 3 and a half thousand officers.

Yes, have arrived in midst of a hospital rebuild which will see a complete overhaul of the dental department which will take over a year!

Also the government announced a few weeks ago that it would ready by Christmas.

In time for the new orthodontist service.

Which I have yet to write a final business plan for!

And due to there not having been a senior for a while and also the director of health left before I arrived, I got no handover as such and nothing in the way of previous paperwork for either of the above.
So anything that goes wrong you blame on the last bloke. Cushy.
If you're taking up serial killing may I suggest a better disposal of evidence plan....:cool:
His first 3 patients on the islands?

I believe the correct medical term is, "Ooops".


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Had to pay a visit to the dentist in Stanley during my second trip down there in Aug 82.

It was after a lump of spent, turd shaped, piece of shrapnel, probably part off a 1000lb bomb neatly chiseled my front tooth down to the nerve.

Made my way to the MO's tent on Stanley airfield - nothing we can do with that ... oh look you can see the nerve through a thin sliver of tooth. Here some clove oil to rub on and make your way to the dentist in Stanley tomorrow.

Fine really as long as I didn't breathed the cold air in.

..... A story for the Emperor thread at some point.

Anyway I remember the dentist being very basic with what I would call a child's dentist chair with the head rest sticking between my shoulder blades (I'm 5' 10") The dentist in combats, so a forces one, did quite a reasonable job drilling, putting a couple of supports in it and building it back up. It lasted until I had it capped back in the UK about a year later.

RADC deployed with Op Corporate, initially with mobile kit but a portacabin was in place in 1983.

These days, it's just an RAF dentist out at Mount Pleasant.
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So what's your surgery look like then? :? Going to get a lot done down south or what? :?

Old Dental Office Equipment.JPG


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Evening stroll


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At least you haven't got to contend with land mines like I did when I was there! XD

They've only found one or two since the islands were declared mine free!

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