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Hi all,

I've just accepted a 3 month contract in Thailand (not sure whereabouts yet), and I'm looking for general advice.

I've got to phone the docs tomorrow to get my Hep A jabs done, so that's in hand, passport is in date too, which is one less thing to worry about.

I'm going over there as a surveyor/loss adjuster to help out with the flood damage, wondering what to pack clotheswise.
I usually work in Chino type trousers, a shirt and hiking boots, I've got a feeling that this won't be that comfortable if it's going to be 30+ and humid.

any tips (apart from where to find the best ladyboys), gratefully accepted.
Should be fine, with what you wear now, that is what most expats wear to work, if they are out and about and with some companies in the office too. Thais are in general not to uppity about such things, as long as you look presentable, short sleeves are acceptable in Thailand too. Shorts are a bit of a no no too many bugs at that height! If you need talc I recommend St Luke's Prickly Heat Powder works wonders ideal for the climate.
As for ladyboys; Nana Plaza in Bangkok off Sukhumvit, first floor bar in the far corner as you come off the escalator! Also plenty of non-ladyboy bars there and some good live shows!
Your kit sounds fine, to maintain the respect of Thai's always wear long trousers, shoes (not sandals)and long sleeves if you have tattoos. March/April is the start of the rainy season and high humidity, take plenty of handkerchiefs to be used as sweat rags.
Only drink bottled water; take care, some ice is not made from bottled water.
Just a general bit of advice. I have an old mate who lives there. He married s Thai and has a couple of daughters. He picked up AIDS a number of years ago...............He still shags around unprotected. Don't make the same mistake.

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