"Working in" on weights - FFS

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by gobbyidiot, May 23, 2009.

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  1. Now at one level I know this a lame moan, but jesus what is it with people who sit on a machine for a quarter of an hour lifting half of f*ck all, with huge breaks between sets - you wait, ask politely "Can I work in?", there are notices on the walls saying, "Don't rest on the machines between sets".

    I had this c*nt this morning who said he knew the rules but I would just have to wait. And guess what nationality he was? Yup, at the risk of stereotyping, Herman the German, and this isn't the first time I've had this. I had another of our Saxon cousins doing sets of 200 on an assisted chin machine, by "cleverly" picking a weight identical to his bodyweight. It took the staff to move this clown, and then he had the nuts to give me his b*llshit after they left, so I tried to help him for the future by explaining some things.

    My pal tells me that this is a cultural problem - Germans believe in "process" not "outcome". I don't think that's it at all. It's just colonizing public space; an upmarket version of deer p*ssing on their territory.

    Fifteen years ago gyms were full of strong people, doing short workouts and working in. Now they are full to bursting with tits having a rest in a mirrored room.

    That's it - Why are gyms like Jordan's bras? They are both stuffed full of soft tits.

    [Yeah, yeah, I include myself :lol: )
  2. Roid Rage is it? :)
  3. You ought to try a university gym. If you think your Boche are annoying, try waiting half an hour for the preacher bench while a trio of weedy-to-the-point-of-malnourished students take turns to do the square root of sod all actual work on it, before pootling off telling each other what a great workout they've had.

    Mind you, all the girls in sweaty lycra do make up for it slightly. When I'm in a benevolent mood.
  4. Seconded. :roll:

    Of course, you're also right about the talent... :drool:
  5. What you then do is to station yourself somewhere near to the offending knob, preferably leaning nonchalantly on the apparatus as if you're patiently waiting your turn, and let out a really heart-rending, high-pitched groan every time yon worthy lifts the weights. I mean really loud and ricker-rattling stuff. You don't even have to move your lips to do it.

    It's surprising how fast the folks move on after that.

  6. I can't risk steroids. If my nadgers shrank any more I'd have to take tweezers when I went for a wazz.

    In fact, my intolerance is probably due to shower envy :oops:
  7. Feck I hate this.
    I'm 16, so if I'm on a machine or weights and an adult is waiting I'll let them go before i start my workout.
    But what the fcuk is it with guys my age???

    1stly they will never, ever make way for an adult..

    but also

    Im fairly big for my age, have been called a gorrila, tank etc, but even i generally only curl between 12 and 18 kg.
    Now I'm from a fairly poor area and gym in what can only be described as a posh one so I don't know if it is a general symptom of rich kids but....

    Guys at gym, my age, will big up a pair of 12s, 14, 16 and 18s and dump them where they are working and procede to move through each pair at a time, and if one has the audacity to ask if you could perhaps use the 18kg dumbells for ten minutes, they act like you've raped their mother.

    The idiots then procede to "use" the mentioned weights, and by use I mean 8 rep sets, 2 on each arm, MAX...

    Now this isn't such a bad thing except that the fcucktards dont know how to lift weights, and use their backs, legs, hips, shoulders before engaging their biceps..

    So in short,
    my workout.. which is quite strict and intensive is hampered by a bunch of stuckup, sissy boys, whose collective IQ is lower than a dead gibbon and whose high end trainers cost more than my families monthly food expense... can pretend that they actually have a chance of adding more muscle to their 40kg scrawny anorexic frames, and look hardcore for the totty that walks around..

    Fcuktards should be shot, or perhaps more demeaning and terrifying for them... Made to do a days work...

    Fcuking cnuts
  8. I'm quite close to going back to the weighted chins and dips in the park - although I think that every summer; I never quite remember just how gibbering and unpleasant the winter is. I'll need to re-acquire the habit of being first in of a morning, and gone before anybody else arrives.
  9. I've started waking up at 0400 just so I can swim and lift weights without standing in a fcuking line as if I was at the fcuking supermarket :evil: :evil: :evil:
  10. At my gym there are a bunch of arm curlers who hog the benches so they can just "sit" on them doing arm curls for 3 hours. To add injury to insult they drag the benches away from the weight racks right across through to another room, and take half the weights with them so people can not get a chance to use them. Drives me nuts.
  11. I used to use Prowse's place. He took no prisoners and even got on a guys who were having a spell between exercises. His idea of reps was to exhaustion; if this took more than 12 he bumped up the weight.
    Alas, the Jolly Green Giant aka Darth Vader Mk 1 is no more.
  12. To be honest I don't usually ASK in that kind of situation: I TELL them I am going to work in with them.

    Never give people a choice; they'll often make the wrong one... :twisted:
  13. Ive pretty much given up going to the gym no due to all of the bell ends you get these days, I go to do CV when I dont want to run. At home Ive got kettlebells, a chin bar, Elite rings and a couple of other bits and bobs and although my training is different these days I actually enjoy it more, can train whenever I want and dont get snarled at by 17 year old juiced up idiots.

    Also, is the gym turning into a fashion parade where everyone else is? I go to train not show off my tan, diamond ear ring stud and gold rolex, seriously, that is what it is like in scouse land at the minute.
  14. Don't forget the tossers who spend half their "workout" talking on their mobile... :roll:

    It's a gym; you're here to train. Not pose, or chat up the slappers, or talk to your mates.

    Instead of a protien shake, a lot of people should have a hot, sweet cup of Shut The Fcuk Up before they go to the gym. :evil:
  15. Just back from the gym, perhaps a rant will make me feel better...

    What is it with d1cks who wear utterly bonkers kit to the gym, jeans and wooly hats? You're not on a building site ffs!

    And the weights room is upstairs, there's no need to try and use weights too heavy to lift on the dumb bell press before dropping them to the deck and scaring the living sh1t out of everyone.

    And you dont need a padded leather belt if you are 16 and doing the square root of p1ss all weight.

    Rant ends.