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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by junior_RLC, Dec 17, 2007.

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I've been looking at a job on the net working on Air con in afghan. Iv been pondering on it and was just wondering if any guys here would advise me on what it might be like?

    Its good money, more than i would ever earn here and for someone trying to get a first house it would be a great oppertunity. I understand it obviously involves risks, but from what it said in the advert its would only be in Bagram or Bastion teaching locals and the like.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. 1. Ask them what their MEDEVAC plan is for starters - you probably won't have access to British military resources and a number of these firms just strip you of any identification and dump you at the nearest local hospital, where you either die within an hour or die in pain and anything you have left is looted whilst you drift in and out of consciousness.

    2. Life insurance ?? doubtful.

    3. Never believe "what it says in the brochure" see Spanish holidays.

    4. Flights to/from leave ?? Who is paying?

    5. You will be despised by all squaddies.

    6. You may get captured and beheaded on the internet , but that's down to the companies security services run by accountants in London.

    7. You will be surrounded by drug addicts and rapists called the ANP and ANA ... if you are lucky.

    Apart from that ....sounds great.
  3. yeah actually i think i'll bin the f*ckin idea and rob a bank or something. They certainly leave out the nice bits dont they!
  4. Will you be working with the DoD as a contractor?
  5. You certainly got talked out of that one sharpish,one post of doom and gloom and you bin it.Took 25 minutes.
  6. or you could start dealing drugs in any one of our marvellous city centres.

    Tax free income, plod won't bother you, loadsamoney, the chance to handle the best weaponry and kit that actually works ...... but you still run the risk of being shot and winding up on a filthy cockroach infested hospital floor surrounded by foreigners ...... however, Birmingham may be closer for your NOK to come to collect your remains.

    Seriously - ask the questions before you commit to any of these companies. Force them to prove they are not cowboys.

    Recently heard of some Jocks that left the Army and wound up helping some serious crims run a protection racket ...... err sorry, outsourced security.
  7. Its through reed engineering who i believe are an MoD contractor.

    Its a hard choice because i've got no tie's here and i'm putting up with the t*ssers i have to work here breaking my back for shit all money, i mean the salary is 3.5 times what im earning now.

    If it was in the bases, Bagram or Bastion, whats the situation on the ground in these places? Do they have daily contacts or is it rear lines stuff? I assume most guy's who go there to work have military experience.
  8. Dude, I'd go for it. Im heading to Bagram in January also. For contractors its not a bad gig at all. It all comes down to how your contract is written. Quality of life and experience depends all on how the contract is written.

    If you get a chance take a look at the contract before agreeing to go. Things like medical/dental, free flight home at half tour, access to military banking, postal services, laundry, gym etc. Also, see if you can have a chat with the payroll people and ask them to show you how "they" intend to do your taxes.

    As for enemy contact, I wont post the details on here, but Google is your friend. There are blogs and newspaper articles out there that will give you an idea of what to expect.

    If there is truly nothing to keep you at home, go for it bro. Bags of cash and not a bad experience at all.
  9. junior_RLC

    Also remember the Taxman - if you are earning "loadsamoney" you will be taxed at 40% plus VAT.
  10. Hootch, you do not pay tax if you qualify for expat status, this means that provided, on average, you do not spend more than 90 days per year in the UK the Taxman gets nothing. In terms of MEDIVAC & insurance: provided you are an a reputable contract (particularly US ones) your company should have DABS, which is excellent.
  11. Set yourself as a Ltd Company or sole trader and invoice them direct pay your self £5K ayear take the rest as a dividend corporation tax is 20% tax, better than paying 40% - ,it costs £50 to start a company,then liquidate the ****** when you come back, bummer is need an accountant at £1100 a year ....its oout there if you go for it...
  12. Not getting paid enough HOOTCH, not happy with your lot?

    Keep making shoite up and post it here

    Junior rlc, crack on, ask the questions ref case evac, insurance etc if they are inplace crack on. Its unlikely you'll be excessively exposed

    Companies have to have the packages in place to get the contracts

    BITE THEIR FECKING HAND OFF if its all kosher

    Hootch, take your head for a shoite or come up with some credible sourced references for the nonsense you are spouting
  13. PS Ltd is a reasonable way to go but accountant heavy (Nice for your first year as you can spunk money on stuff and call is neccesary expenditure)

    Best best, take the whole contract as time out and keep out the UK for the required time

    Avoid small town accountants who no feck all about expat tax and don't appear to have elastic morals

    You can get your books done for about 160 GBP if you shop around, i'll try and knock up a link
  14. junior_RLC...this could be a real oppertunity to break into contracting and earn decent money.

    Best to ignore Hootch, sometimes on these forums you get callsigns gobbing off about subjects which they have no experience or knowledge of.

    Defence contracting is an intergral part of operations these days and if you want to pay off your mortgage and get rewarded for your time while deployed its a good way to go. Also it gives you a door into the wider defence community and other jobs in the future.

    However you are on the private market and there are good companies and bad companies undertaking a lot of different projects.

    You need to weigh up the following in your own mind and decide if you are prepared to go with it...and you are a civilian now, so theres nothing to stop you getting on the ground, and just getting back on the plane if you don't like the look of it.

    1) is the company a big reputable name in defence?
    2) who is it contracted to? (DOD? ISAF? NATO? Purely a private entity?)
    3) what law does it operate under? (US MIL? local law? military law? UK?)
    4) what is the nature of the project and how risky is it tactically? (for you to work out)
    5) the package? (pay/rotation/insurance/medical cover/expenses/euipment issue)
    6) who will you be working with? (mainly ex- british/nato forces?)

    if you get some info and want further advice on it mate, just PM...don't write off an oppertunity just because you can't be arsed to check it out properly, or someones put an idea in your head that contracting is all risk/danger/cowboys (if it was we wouldnt have these multi-billion $ government contracts in the first place)
  15. If by anychance, it's KBR avoid like the plague..........