Working Hours

I have been arguing for some time with my boss about the working hours of our staff.

Basically we have staff in various roles (nurses, doctors etc) who work varying hours but generally fit in between 40-45 hours of work per week. Another trade (medics) do full 24 hour duties (plus normal work when not on duty) and due to the number of staff in that group have been pushing out 220-250 hour months. My boss insists this is fair because when they are on 24hr duty (included in the hours worked) they can sleep when not called out. We are not on tour or operations so this doesn't fit easily with me - especially as other trade groups do nothing like those hours.

Does anybody know what i can quote to slap the old duffer down a peg or two (he is posted soon so if he is all huffy i'm not too fussed)?

Many thanks for your advice
Hmmm. The army and wrokign hours seems to have got stuck in the ictorian era at times. In my last few years at Bulford I would regularly work a 20+ hour day as 'normal work' and as many others were in the same boat we simply had to lump it. This is in stark contrast to when I first joined in the 80's where even overnight guard duties were given the next day off, and then once the IRA started to blow the crap out of BFG in about 89 we doubled the guards (this is HQ 1(BR) Corps) and then did 2-3 guards a week fir protacted periods following each attack. Because of the extra manpower required to fill the guard commitment we went straight back to work even after 24 hour guards. The management thought this was a good thing and promptly took the ever expanding sign off board down from the UAO in an effort to introduce a 'what you can't see can't hurt you' mindset to ta worseinign situation.
Anyway,Idigress. There proberbly is a mindset at quite high levels now who see these kind of working hours as 'not a problem', partly becase they've never had to work them and partly because it is all they have known.In a lot of areas the army has a give and take attitude, and in some areas it has forgotten to give back. Just ask your boss when it was he joined, and I'll be willing to bet it was the late 80's. And have a look at your units sign off board whilst you're at it.

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