working hours/regime of PSI

Being a PSI and working with the TA should in my opinion have some perks. Sadly the unit i'm serving with has lost sight of this and it's a work work regime. I would like to ask other PSI 's what working hours/regime they have? What time do you get off etc? The reason for this is that i and many more PSI 's in my Regiment are unhappy with the way the powers that be take TOIL days from us and add extra working hours/days whenever it takes their fancy. I don't want to complain to much incase the majority of you good people do more hours/days than we do, if that is the case then i will carry on working 16+ days without a break and stop complaining. However i think this will be an exception to the rule rather than the norm. I would like as much feed back as possible, good or bad. 8O
When I was with QOY I worked Mon. Tues Thurs and Fri 0830-1630, Weds the same but also drill nights. During working day if you had to do things in town then it was not a problem. Weekends were free unles you either were running a course or Sqn ex. Alll in all it was a very good and relaxing 2.5 years tour in which I never felt stressed or short of time.
yes polar69 i did think i would come on here and discuss it. i also assumed i would get some feed back which of course i have, thanks commander and then there's you, you need to look back and see if there is anything of any interest that you have thats a no. Not unless your the village idiot who wants to discuss what weird xmas presents you 've bought the missus. Yep your right it should go in the bin as the worst thread ever!
oh by the way thanks for your input.............out.

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