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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by FLICKOMETER, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. Being a PSI and working with the TA should in my opinion have some perks. Sadly the unit i'm serving with has lost sight of this and it's a work work regime. I would like to ask other PSI 's what working hours/regime they have? What time do you get off etc? The reason for this is that i and many more PSI 's in my Regiment are unhappy with the way the powers that be take TOIL days from us and add extra working hours/days whenever it takes their fancy. I don't want to complain to much incase the majority of you good people do more hours/days than we do, if that is the case then i will carry on working 16+ days without a break and stop complaining. However i think this will be an exception to the rule rather than the norm. I would like as much feed back as possible, good or bad. 8O
  2. Flicko - this has got to be the most elaborate wind-up ever. I actually desperately hope it's the most elaborate wind up ever. Anyway, for everyone else I suppose watch & shoot, watch & shoot is appropriate enough.......
  3. This has got to be a major WAH!!!!

    You are obviously not a career soldier then. Just a typical I'm a regular army hero sitting on his useless ass.
    Do your TA unit a favour and RTU yourself. You are not worthy of working alongside TA personnel. Who in many cases work 5 days per week and train Up to 3 weekends in a row. How does that compare with your 16 Days. Does that include Mondays off, PSI Gatherings in alternate locations ( Pi$$ Up ), Sports afternoons( with yourselves ). Oh what a hard life you must lead.

    It must be a wind up :? , either that or this guys heads up his ar$e 8O . Oh Well I've bitten, now Reel me in :oops:
  4. The two Sigs regts I've been in, let PSI's have Mondays off. In the Infantry they worked all week.

    Wednesdays tend to be 1/2 days

    p.s. I won't mention the golf

  5. Why? It's your job. Do you think you are doing the Army a favour by accepting a post as a PSI?
  6. Just noticed this is a double-posted thread, presumably accidental. Can one of the mods join it with this one please?

    Assuming you think it sensible to prolong the agony that is.....
  7. Happy Days, Thanks for the reply weekend warriors, it's nice to see some of the drivel that has been spouted and at least one so far that answers my question. I asked for any PSI comments about hours, not what you would -be soldiers believe to be the facts.
    Now for some reply's

    Abacus: It not a wind up and i await your reply, i assume it will be the same as the drivel below your reply. If not i stand corrected.

    Sweatysock:What planet did you rock up from, you assume so much and know so little. Read the thread i wrote. it says 16+days without any break, so, village that means no days off. The first weekend off will this one coming up. I've yet to see any TA in the unit tip up for more than 2 weekends and sometimes only for one day in a weekend. i appreciate it takes dedication to go to work all week and then go straight to the TAC. i admire some of the folks who do this but to be fair they can also say ah boll@cks to this weekend ill take it off, no such luck here and your collecting two wages to piss up the wall. i enjoy the job, but i'll put you straight village, we don't have sports wednesday's nor do we get mondays off. That was the whole point of the thread to gage an idea of how other unit's do business and what other PSI's get. As for hero and useless ass the TA could do jack without the assistance of the regs. I didn't ask for a TA posting and would love to get RTU to a proper unit so that i could deploy again and watch some of you sad **cks whinge on about how you didn't join the TA to go to war. PAH unlucky.

    Polar: Thanks that was the kind of info i required,much appreciated.

    Crossed_axes:Yes your right its my job and i wouldn't change it for the world. However in every job you should not have to work the couple of months we have just gone through. As the regs are paid 7 days a week, 24 hrs a day it doesn't mean we have to do them. That would mean being paid less than the national average. Oh and no i don't think im doing the army a favour as getting a TA posting seriously f@@ks your chances of promotion.

    Thanks, out to you.
    Now were did i put that posting preference.
  8. Check your Messages later this evening or next time you log on if later. And please, although I quite freely admit my TA status, be very careful with the insults to other posters. For sure and certain fact, you are not the only Regular in this forum. Although you are the only one making a target of himself. Wait, out.
  9. Have to second abacus, nothing against you but some of us have been fcuked around several years and are just waiting for a target.

    I've recently had to work with a PSI(s) that was utter shite, trying to maintain/protect the ARAB position was something I never thought I'd have to do.

    (edited to add: I was under the influence when I wrote the above)
  10. polar, had a firendly enough exchange with our correspondent in pm.

    Reg on first posting to TA - Groundhog Day for us. And just to keep it balanced I'm sure most Regs have now experienced the "I don't want to be here" TA soldier on first (or maybe 2nd or 3rd) mobilisation. As ever, the good ones, Reg and TA are mostly invisible because they just keep their heads down and get on with it. Except in here of course:

    Flicko, welcome to ARRSE :lol:
  11. The PSI's in my mob (inf) got a day off the monday following a weekend (FTX, CPX, etc). Although they stayed available for the working day, most were finished in a few hours so they spread the work about to fill the day. In between they played sports, went on runs, studied for OU exams, and generally helped out with potential recruits and serving soldiers when they came calling for advise or info (pams, etc). Fridays were half day (except on a TA weekend - ovbviously! :wink: )

    Apart from a few who mongs who were waiting out til retiring (early 90's), the remeinder had a good posting and went on to big things (picked up for WO11 and a Bn appointments, WO11 at an ATR (at own request) and one went on to become RSM and after a LE commisssion). Personally, my PSI's were an excellent bunch. They might have slagged off the "STABS" but that tended to die off after a few months.

    I know that ful time servive is paid for 7 days a week, but it is unreasonable to work like that when time off would be expected in lieu. Are you not expected to have a private/family life?

    Are you in touch with other PSI's from your Bn who are posted to other Regiments? Are they in the same boat as you? I wish you luck in trying to sort out a decent working week.

  12. It is ESSENTIAL that you get adequate time off. I'd be tempted to avoid the word "perks" in future :twisted: , but as a PSI you are not on operations and should be able to enjoy a good quality of life, hopefully (if your Regiment has got it right) in your home region, with your family.

    Just because your TA soldiers will all be working harder than you at their 2+ jobs doesn't mean you should burn yourself out trying to outdo them. Their terms of service mean they can choose not to turn up if they don't want to: yours don't. The last thing your unit needs is for you to become embittered and unhelpful.

    In any other job TOIL is a right; denying it to you is tantamount to taking money off you. Unfortunately, regular army TOS don't really recognise this: you are paid 365 days a year and "leave is a privilege, not a right". Many civilian firms now mandate their employees take all their leave as a Health and Safety issue - burnout costs them; and it costs the army just as much (retention ring a bell?) - but too much is left to the discretion of Units.

    Sounds like your unit has missed the point. Some are very good at enforcing long weekends for PSIs and giving TOIL. If yours isn't, I suggest you come to an arrangement with your OC (yes, the TA bloke) and your PSAO regarding TOIL. You could go for a regular day in the week, start late, leave early on certain days or even not come in for a week (as long as you don't go abroad and can get to the TA centre in a hurry if needs be! :wink: ).

    Good luck - and remember, you are doing the army (regular and TA) a favour by looking after yourself.
  13. I thought that part was worth re-emphasising.

    Get the OC and PSAO on board, and your working day becomes much improved, as it is these two individuals more than any other who will either drop you in it, or save you, from the vagaries of your RHQ and Training Major.

    When you take Thursday off as your TOIL, it'll be the PSAO who fends off RHQ when they ring up asking for you - "He's just gone out for a run" or "He's gone to recce X location for a sub-unit weekend".

    And it'll be your OC who defends you to the Training Major - "It's my Company/Squadron, I'm the OC, and I said he could take the day off!" OC's quite like reminding the Training Major that they're the same rank and are the OC.

    Just make sure your mobile is always switched on, so the PSAO can tip you the wink as and when necessary.

    It's much harder if you're the PSI in the RHQ location - the grownups take far more interest in you than they do the sub-unit PSI, who should be able to duck and dive with a little more ease.
  14. I think you are getting a bit of a sh1tty deal as from my experience the PSIs have a fairly short working week, albeit with more weekends than they might like... but hey, it's the weekend Army you've been sent to.

    Perks in a certain London unit have included flats in luxurious riverside developments!

    On the topic of pay, if the Army gets paid 7 days a week but expects to do 5, t least most of the time, doesn't that mean that our TA daily rate when not mobilised should be 1/5th of the weekly wage and not 1/7th?! After all, 2 days is almost half a working week...
  15. Don't you mean the TA daily rate should take that into account .... so we should be paid 1.4 (7/5) times more per day than a regular .... works for me :lol: