Working gun made with 3D printer

It would have been better to have 3D printed a 8" vibrator.
Everyone knows that to cope with the stresses inside an SLR the metal has to be forged in a dying sun.

Big news being made about this being the "first shot" fired from a printed gun, I watched a video on YouTube of a printed AR-15 being fired before. I gather the difference with this one is that it is entirely printed.

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The printer costs five grand ... you could pick up a sawn off from dodgy Dave for 200 quid.
They'd shit if they saw what you can make with a CNC machine.


Would a weapon made with a 3d printer evade a metal detector??

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If the cost of ink cartridges are taken into the cost it would be cheaper to buy a gun almost anywhere, apart from that I bet Windows can't find the printer drivers!!.
3D protoyping is usually done with methacrylate resins, I've never heard of ABS being used before. As it's a two phase plastic then polying in-situ by blue-light induced free-radical would strain the competence of most of us. ABS is not that strong so even the .22 shown would need an enormous chamber and barrel cross section.

Essentially, a load of bollocks...

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