Working from Home - Snow

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bravo2nothing, Jan 24, 2007.

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  1. Well there's been a slight dusting of snow and the whole of the South East has ground to a halt. So I am bluffing, apologies, working from home.

    The M23 is closed North bound, the M25 down to one lane. What a fucking joke that we are, as a Nation, so crap at dealing with a little bit of snow.

    Rant off
  2. Working from home, Bravo? Then thank God you are not out there with them, put the kettle on for a coffee, find the chocolate Hob-Nobs and, I have to use this expression, just chill!

  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    You are right. Just took my normal train to work - usually jammed, but this morning it was virtually empty. No doubt everyone was snowed in at home.
  4. The ground outside is thick with crappy snow (Denmark) and I can look forward to another 3 months of it.

    After your fantasic suggestion, I went into my boss and asked to stay at home until it cleared up. He, quite rightly told me that it was far too dangerous to drive home and that I'd better spend the next three months here behind my desk.... bugger!
  5. Quite right. I have pulled Withnail & I off the shelf, the kettle has been first paraded and the Wife has been briefed. I shall settle down with my laptop and bluff the day away.
  6. On the west coast In Cumbria, no sign of snow at all, thankfully. Lots of snow up them there hills though.
  7. Here in Chicksands, there's snow on the ground and there's more coming down at the moment.....looks it might be an early knock off.
  8. Aye, people drive like retards in the snow :drool:

    For my sins I'm erect at my post having just scraped round the M25 as it was sliding to a halt. QE2 bridge was down to 2 lanes at just after 6am this morning due to an accident in the snow. Absolutely love the fluffy white stuff though, even if these days my 'toboggan' is rather more expensive than my childhood tea-tray! :shock:
  9. My train was late and packed with muppets who thought they would go to work earlier !
    Lots of whingeing from Civvie staff about 'Its cold' ....
  10. Woke up this morning and saw the snow and thought no trains no work - GREAT!
    Not! trains were fine so in I came thinking the Boss would be miffed if I did not make the effort.
    Got in a little late - first phone call was the Boss saying he was working from home, no trains and could not get in!

    Simply thought - BUGGER! Now I am in all day while he cops off fool!

    Have to say it was funny watching the girls walk in the snow in their high heels - have they no sense! On went my Lowas and off I went like Linford Christie - looked a bit strange in the City though I must say :)

  11. Looked well yesterday might try and have a pop on them befroe it melts....none here in Preston
  12. Not snowed in, but overland train delayed at Clapham Junction, so got into Waterloo 15 minutes late.

    Not too bad I thought, until i entered the Tube. Some trains were not even stopping at the station due to overcrowding, and platforms were so full of people it was taking the piss even for rush hour.

    Got into the office 35 mins late, I hope it either snows like feck tonight so I can be snowed in and not do all this again tomorrow or it rains and washes the bloody stuff away.
  13. Eagerly anticipated snow so that I could burn round in my gas-guzzling, polluting Audi 4x4 A6 (bi-turbo dontcha know) and then phone in sayng I was snowed in. Looked outside this morning and it looked like some old geezer with dandruff had walked past. Deflated, p!ssed orf and then I remembered I work from home anyway!! BUGGER!
  14. Same here! Don't stretch to the Audi mind, old Landy for me ;)
  15. Its a blue sky and the sun is shining here in Cornwall. Winds a wee bit nippy but you cant have it all can you? :relax: