Working for a Civil Servant

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Bigt116, May 9, 2007.

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  1. Soon to be the only 2 soldiers in a regiment working for a civil servant, would appreciate some guidance as to where we as serving soldiers stand. Plus, is/ would he be entitled to military transport to and from work ? My head says no way, but then I am often wrong :)
    many thanks
  2. Your/his status/transport entitlement(s) depend(s) on the job(s) you are all doing.

    More info required for adequate answer.
  3. 3 man op,
    1 Cpl
    1 Sgt
    and 1 Civil servant
    he will be employed as the 'manager' of the outstation department, but not by our regiment, by Land
    I think he is grade D ?
  4. WTF - you in the secret service cause you aint giving much away
  5. Sorry
    have to have a certain level of opsec, cos the new civil servant just happens to be the old military boss of the place
  6. Sounds like he is become an MSF (newspeak for RO), in that case he doesn't have an entitlement to transport for his Home to Duty travel.
  7. I think a Band D carries the same weight as a Major. However, his COC is c/s and he will have to report to a career orientated, non-qualified turd desparate to advance their own status by giving him a rough ride. Being ex-Service he should look after you better than a civ. Good luck!

    He will be required to find his own way to and from his place of work and they'll give him a hire car if he needs to travel away from home station on his duties, (I believe).
  8. Band D would give the EMR of Captain. He would not be entitled to military transport to and from work as he will be able to claim the Civil Service equivalent of HDT (RESPOD).
  9. Definately no entitlement to vehicle but it depends on what terms he got the job re the home to duty. As a rule civil servants do not get home to duty paid for, but if they take a new job (ie transfer) on a PPI (permanent in the public interest) move and it is further away from their home they can claim travel allowance.
  10. You also need to clarify who works for whom and who writes your CRs!

    A very easy thing to forget as you set up the new job but it will turn round and bite you very hard if you don't get it sorted!