Working/family tax credits

Right Mrs. coops is having a baby and I was just wondering do I work in my T.A pay into working/family tax credits of do I leave it out . So in other words dose T.A pay count towards working/family credits ?
Of course not; its not as if its pay or anything, is it?

Oh hold on...
Did you sign a contract when you left school, promising to pay a third of your wages to an elected government?
If not, you may be in the same boat as me, and millions others, where they just take it anyway.
If you read your Part One Orders, which I'm sure you do, and they are produced correctly, which I'm sure they are, you will see that it is an offence not to declare your TA earnings to those charming tax people, who will then generously reduce your Tax Credits by about 40p per £1 that you earn, on top of the 20p per £1 that they already take in Income Tax - and watch out, if you're not careful they may want another 11p ish per £1 for National Insurance.
The real twat with these things is that you need to put them in usually before you've got your hands on your army P60 (although Armynet had mine on last time I filled in the forms), which results in the never ending loop of estimating, confirming, etc. You then spend ages pissing about with them to be told that you earn too much to be eligable and that you can opt out next year.


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