Working During Leave and Ressettlement

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Little_dragon, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. I will be out of the Army very shortly.

    Is there anything, legally, stopping me from working during leave, GRT or terminal leave?

    I already have a job offer and they are very keen for me to start quickly . . .
  2. You are free to work when your terminal leave starts and not before. You can work on your GRT but it has to be a CWA and you can't get paid.
  3. I know these are the "official" rules.

    I keep hearing stories of people doing otherwise though - not sure how they get round it!

    What would happen if I started working for another company during GRT?
  4. Its easy to get round L_D, just don't tell anyone! I think the MoD would take a dim view if they found out, but just apply the golden rule i.e. just don't get caught.
  5. How could they catch me? P45? NI? Tax Man?

    I am in a bit of a unique situation at the minute and could def plead ignorance!
  6. I'm sure you can do paid work during 'off duty hours', you just need permission from your troop/coy commander/CO. I drove taxis for years in my 'spare time' until recently, I cant see how this would be any different. (i'm sure i'll be told if i'm wrong!!!!!) And I reckon your terminal leave etc is classed as 'off duty hours'
  7. The earliest time you can start to work without any other permission is the first day of your terminal leave. However, as long as you have your COs permission - best to have this in writing, you can work at any time during off duty hours. If you have basically been released from work by your unit there should be no problem with this at all. Just need to bear in mind if you are working full time that the army still has first call on your time until on terminal leave so if required you will be called in to camp - very rarely happens but you need to bear this in mind. Also you need to remember that tax and Nat ins is your responsibility, you should try to get your civvy employer to tax you using a BR code as your allowance is already deducted from your army pay, your Nat ins deductions will also, probably be wrong. Once discharged it wouldn't be a bad idea to get yourself a appointment with your local tax office to ensure you have paid the correct amounts, better than getting a bill later.

  8. I am no longer at work - on unpaid leave until they sort out my discharge date (should know by the end of the week, but JPA is screwing things up!) then I will go straight into my 5 weeks GRT then Terminal leave.

    So I dont have a CO to apply permission from as I am under Y5 at the moment.

    In short, if I sort out all my tax, there is no reason really, other than it being a bit naughty, why I couldnt start straight away?
  9. For crying out loud.........just get on with it like everyone before you.

    When you're out. You're out mate!
  10. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I did it.
    Didn't the the Army. I was on leave & then terminal leave anyway.
    Told my new employer what was happening.
    Taxed by them at BR until my P45 turned up.
    Everybody happy :D
  11. Cheers for the help everyone :)
  12. Sorry I cannot help on the ruling but I just went for it. What can they do sack you? I was being paid by the Probation Service, the Police and the Army at the same time whilst on GRT etc.

  13. There speaks the voice of experience! :wink:
  14. So True! Hopefully I will get started into my new job a bit quicker then and just take it from there ;-)

    Blooming JPA - reason I dont know my actual discharge date is because Glasgow cant access the leave part of JPA to see if I have any leave left (which I dont!)

    I suppose I could be waiting months for the Army to get thier finger out and sort my discharge. Cant wait forever for my terminal leave to start!
  15. Good luck and remember the number one maxim.