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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Whiskybreath, Apr 18, 2008.

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  1. I just now dropped in on the 'Dapper Clothing' thread on the Officer's forum for a quick scan, to see whether there was any useful info I could use for my upcoming annual shop.

    It was like an episode of 'Frazier' in there; woofterish bickering about grossly overpriced rubbish designed by clever people to swiftly take lots of cash from people green with vanity, but whatever your peers and fears demand you wear, I suppose you must...

    I use Wrangler 'Texas' stone jeans, and have done for fifteen years. My shirts are 'Columbia' and my boots are Courteneys. If pressed, I like the Aussie Hard Yakka kit, not only because most of the Australian mining industry does, but because it's comfortable when you sweat in it. Cotton drill rules OK.

    All of that's a bugger to find in Belfast, though!
  2. bet you watch the fashion shows as well don't you? :D
  3. I like wearing Lederhosen and a Picklehaulbe helmet.
  4. Only on Friday evenings. Tonight's the night :D
  5. Ah swimwear and langerie :oops:
  6. Is this for stuff to wear in the Mess or a Gay Bar?
  7. Depends on which you prefer, I suppose.

    (I thought the title gave a clue, mind...)
  8. No devils cloth.

    ie denim
  9. Cotton canvas is good. It keeps the precious contents coolish in the hot season and the maid only takes two swipes to iron it Harry Andrews (re: RSM, 'The Hill'). Blue is right out, must be Stone for authority and reflectivity and to differentiate one's dress from that of sundry US Levi'd employees. I have a wardrobe full of pairs in sizes now slightly smaller than normal. Ebay?

    Edited for elegance.

  10. That was what my last Badge said.

    I agree with that, because I think (MHO) looks cheap.

    I know that people spent hundreds of pounds on this stuff but, traditions (some of them) should be upheld.
  11. (Just to keep the perspective: I'm one of thousands and thousands of we former troopers who live in the Great British lands but are forced by naked greed to work elsewhere. When I'm on the job, so to speak, the last thing I want is chafes where chafes are unwelcome, and so I need coolth, good fit, air around the parts and suavity for the gravity of my many onerous responsibities. When I'm chafing in the departure lounge, I need the same as above plus a few large pockets (just look up those cretinous security regulations in some countries...), and when I'm at home or in Sainsbury's I'd wear my patent one-piece micropile boilersuit if the wife didn't object so obscenely. If I'm so unlucky as to be forced to attend a meeting or interview in any nasty sweaty capital I'll wear a thin shirt, thin suit and thin shoes, but a tie (Corps) only on demand of the CEO.

    On ties: my old friend the F-15 pilot worked it into every contract of his that he would never be required to wear a tie, collar or polished shoes. I'm not so valuable as he is to his employers, so I can only gripe about this, bitterly (which works if you cry, too) but accept whatever the bastards demand on negotiated conditions. Oh well.

    Clothes should be for the benefit of your health, wellbeing and attractiveness to the opposite sex, not your discomfort or Managing Director's prejudices.)...or any kind of deeply stupid, Olde Englishe, 'class'-oriented but now very passé concept of fashion. Look, if you have it, you'd be making bags of cash as a filmstar or a prostitute. Chances are that you don't, so just enjoy the freedom that M&S tacklebags give you, and thank your God that you live in a Christian, Y-Front-fearing country.
  12. Why not use the chav trianers and blob siutes with hats that are the latest in swimwear on this website????
  13. Ugh? Ug ug, ug. Og og, but og, og transcendentalism, og ug.
    Ugh!!! :D
  14. my bold.

    You are a pervert sir.

    And M&S is your store..
  15. Absolutely. They have a range of cooking pans which five years ago would have cost fifteen times the current price - and they're bloody good too.

    Up your goat.